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Rllmuk 2 On 2 Tournament

sir stiff_one

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If more than 4 teams apply for the final 4 slots, they may have to play a qualifier to get in.



EDIT: Check this post as its updated all the time.

32 pairs will play group stages, so everyone gets at least 3 games.

After the group stages, it will move into a knockout phase, World Cup Style.

The setup:


See below for setup instructions.



Ivory Tower



Burial Mounds

We'll be playing the first 3 games in 2 weeks. They'll only take max 20 minutes each. It also means that the tournament won't drag on over a long time, hopefully eliminating the chances of changes of heart and tales of woe and lack of enjoyment.

The proposed start date for this tournament is early March, as the current tourney ends.

Love stiff


Teams confirmed so far:

1 - Dopple Kill:

tylerUK (tyler)

Verylonewolf (Verylonewolf)

2 - Team Tamagotchi

Tetchywayo (Tetchy)

Gommy (Gommy)

3 - EVT Snipers



4 - EVT Foreigns



5 - EVT London


Terry Tate

6 - EVT Lag


Mr Ben

7 - EVT OMFG a girl



8 - Roll Muck Team p00b

TheFatEnvelope (Pob)

Pootle UK

9 - Roll Muck Gents



10 - Roll Muck Playboys



11 - Team Troetelbeertjes

REAL of Xanadu (Real)

Atarian (TaiAtari)

12 - The Red Hand Gang

Breaksmith (Breaksmith)

Tasty Claw (Huw)

13 - Gamestyle Gringos

Meerman (Meerman)

Adam1986 (Gambit)

14 - The Nation of Islam

Flicky (Flicky)

stiff one uk (stiff one)

15 - Team Keerock

Kerraig UK (Kerraig)

Kryptionian (Kryptonian)

16 - Team Pantene


Van123 (Van)

17 - Pro G Team Neuro



18 - Pro G Team Tic:

TooStonedToPlay (Gaz)


19 - Team go back to Canada

FiL UK (Fil)

Biscuitpowa (Biscuitpower)

20 - Team Takedown


Basil the Fox

21 - Tactical Errors Inc.



22 - Team Van Morrisson

Vanthal (Rowan Morrison)

Gingerism (jon1)

23 - Team Tank



24 - The Space Cowboys


laemus (Meh)

25 - Team Project Ego

LarryBong (glo)


26 - The Lone Rangers

MW Jimmy


27 - Team Naked

SyntaxError007 (Syntax Error)


28 - Shaolin Punks




Teams below may need to play a qualifier.

29 - The After-Thoughts

rev0nline (Rev)


30 - Mookismo Manginas

Muddy UK (muddy uk)

OwnPistolPete (Pistol Pete)

31 - The super animal brothers

Badger Gravling - Badger

CaeciliusKILL - rat boy

32 - Bigger than God




33 - Team Tank Jnr

And The Tank


34 - Team: Double Half Hitch

Hitcher (Hitcher)

Mini Hitch (Crusher)

35 - Team Revilo

Revilo1 (Revilo)

Phonix Flare

36 - Team Wilfred Pwnz0rz

Jess the Cat (will)

mr miffed


RLLMUK 2 on 2 Setup instructions

Create the following gametype and save it on your Xbox, its really important everyone is playing with the correct rules.

Gametype: Slayer

Team Play: On

Max number of players: 4

Starting Weapon: Map Default

Secondary Weapon: Battle Rifle

Score to Win: 50

Time Limit: 20 Mins

Motion Sensor: On

Vehicles on Map: Off

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good idea.

i think that it may be better to do this as a pure knock out though, as it will take less time. each team could be seeded on their average rumble pit level for instance.


also, everyone invisible with needlers.

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my thoughts:

- standard slayer

- first to 25

- 10 minute round limit

- best of three

- use all the head-to-head maps and randomly pick three each round

- vehicles off

first to 50 with two players would take a little long (hence the 10 minute limits too). i think best of three will keep things quick (best of five probably is too much 2v2). using head-to-head maps is obvious, and vehicles off should be too.

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Blatantly vehicles off.

I chose the format as that's how its played in the pro tournaments, and I personally think that playing best of threes is a bit too much of a chore, when a lot of people don't have that much time spare. 20 mins on any given night is nothing really, and shouldn't disrupt general clan/ranking team play that much. Think about the World Cup - its one game, and it means any team can get a surprise result.

As for randomly selecting maps - the way I intend to do it is (should there be enough interest), set up a fixture table, so everyone can see who they are playing and what map in advance.

Battle Rifle start has been mooted, because it really helps the game being dominated by snipers, and means you aren't "naked" when you spawn. I'd like to hear people's feedback on this, I'm more than willing to change it.

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Should'nt we get the other tourney out of the way first?

Stiff asked my opinion on this before he posted and I said it was cool.

I havent decided for sure, but I reckon the current tournament will run for another 3 or 4 weeks. 2 weeks of league fixtures left, then the Quarter, semi, then final.

So I dont think this will overlap too much. Obviously though if you are in the tournament just now, and feel a bit stretched already then joining up for this might not be a great idea.

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The idea is that this starts as the 4 on 4 finishes, whatever date that is. Shouldn't be any clash of any sorts at all.

I don't think it should be pure knockout, as a lot of people will be discouraged from entering, as they may get drawn against a shit hot team and end up with one pooning. With a group stage, it means even people who aren't amazing get good experience, 3 games, and the chance to cause upsets.

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After all the hassle of the current tournament, you guys already want to start another one? Jeez.

Well, I'm sure the pairs from Mookismo will be unbeatable, until we lose and pull out, and then reform, and then lose and pull out....

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How about, now dont kill me here, get a list of team names and have RANDOM partners!!!!


Thats exactly what we've suggested for Roll Muck... cant see why we couldnt do it across all the clans. If everyones up for it obviously.

Would certainly get around any team selection issues.

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Well, I'm sure the pairs from Mookismo will be unbeatable, until we lose and pull out, and then reform, and then lose and pull out....

What about when you all just quit the clan, frustrated by Les's prima-donna hissy fits?

I'd be up for this. Assuming there's anyone willing to play with an exSR team member :)

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Random teams can suck my balls.

I'd suggest, if I may, a really world cup style thing with four groups of four, round robin then quaters, semis, finals.

That's 6 games in total if you get to the finals. At 10 minutes a match, it's an hour, even if you're in On Yom. Sounds like some good shit to me.

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Well this is pretty much completely unrelated to clan stuff. In fact I don't really think having team names is a good idea anyway - unless they are unrelated to the current clan setup. I'm sure most pairs will come from clans anyway, but how you sort that out is up to you guys.

The way I see it, you'll have it exactly how Breaksmith says. If Legendary wants to hook up with Laine, then fine, just pick someone you like playing with. It'll take 10/15 minutes per game and you could always practice/choose teams by doing some 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 etc slayer.

The emphasis will be on fun, as it always should be. Play to win, but enjoy it. BR start is there to encourage attacking play rather than negative "sit on the lead" matches. Its also there so that a bunch of people can play with each other rather than hoping they get a good matchmade connection and they don't get a bunch of screaming americans...

Also - there's no 2 on 2 matchmade playlist, and I think that will even things out a good bit.

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How about a, 'Shove me in a random team for a laugh please guv' thread for people who want to be randomly paired?

Nutcasey, thats actually a pretty cool idea right there.

Post in here if you:

a) have a pair and wish to play

B) wish to play and need a partner

Then you can just pair up how you like and I can match any left over people together randomly.

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i'd be up for this. it'd be nice to jump straight into another competition after emerging victorious from the current one.

let me find a partner and i'll get back to you.

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Okay, I'll be posting an Ebay auction this evening for anyone who wants to be my partner in the tourney. Only those with large cash reserves need apply, as the auction is expected to go to four figures.


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