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Rllmuk 2 On 2 Tournament

sir stiff_one

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Well it'll have to be split evenly so umm...that should be fun in itself.

IF the seedings were implemented, the top say 8 would qualify automatically, then the rest could play a qualifying game to take take up the final 8 spots?

That said that could prove a bit of a head ache, and more work than Stiff is willing to take on.

Lets just get definite numbers in who are interested then take it from there.

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Well it's that or 32.

Mind you, I still like the idea of loads of bickering to decide who gets to play. You guys bicker really well. It's fun.

Why not 20, 24, 28?

The first stage is mini leagues right, then into the knockout so number of teams doesn't really matter does it?

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