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Rllmuk 2 On 2 Tournament

sir stiff_one

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In matchmaking yesterday (Coagulation, Minor Clan Team Slayer) I spawned to see the 2 Ghost Boost trails either side of me as I appeared as Wolf had just Ghosted exactly where I spawned. Unfortunately, some dude had a lock on him with the rocket which hit me in the face as I spawned.


Similar thing.

One time I was collecting pob in the warthog on waterworks with the flag, it was text book stuff. However I hear a crunch, and when I tried to drive away I realised the ghost had just respawned right underneath the hig, raising all four wheels from the ground. Wasnt long before we were put out of our misery.

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Hey don't worry! We did spawn together once in that game, near the end, and somehow both ended up with snipers. SWEET! I thought. 2 seconds later, I explode courtesy of a Tasty Claw rocket and Flicky gets stuck by Breaksmith at exactly the same time.

Some of the spawns on Burial mounds in particular are crazy.

I've spawned next to all 3 of the other team for the whole match before. When we played Rllmuk at Oddball on Foundation, I spawned in the most stupid place possible every time. I've spawned in front of a turret, in front of a ghost (that ran me over of course), in front of a rocket, in a room full of grenades going off, by exploding barrels, in front of the sword guy - everything. But hey, I look back and laugh.

I'm on my 3rd headset btw.

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Zok, no the teams are not random. If you don't have a partner then I can match you up with another, but the vast majority of people have paired up and posted their teams, which I've then added to the front page. You really should get the nubes to sort out a few teams, there's still like 10 spots left I think.

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Also, to anyone reading, Xice is pretty good, I'm surprised he doesn't have a partner already.

Isnt he American though? Or am I just making that up?

Edit: To be fair, I dont think I've ever heard him speak, so no offence XiceWolf :D

His stats are pretty impressive, so I'm surprised I've not played online with him before.

Edit: What I meant by that was that he's not played in any games with either myself, or anyone else from the forum before yesterday :o

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