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Rllmuk 2 On 2 Tournament

sir stiff_one

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He obviously hasnt quite arrived yet in the Halo world then!

I've not seen him in any lobbies with anyone untill the other day, so he must have just found out about this forum recently, and got our GT's or something? :o

Oh and wolf, I havent seen him in any games with you ;)

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I added Yawdib and someone else ages ago but just came around to joining a game a few days back. Invite me if I am on I am usually about.

I am now partnerless (rockboy has had to drop out), so if you fancy joining up with a fellow Scot for some shooting in the face then let me know.

If you could drop me and Rockboy from the tournament line up then in the mean time Stiff.

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Ignorant too!


Bignige's gamertag has been banned a few times bij MS on grounds of other players (read Merkins) reporting it as offending/racist.

Ignorant? Guilty as charged m'lud!

Jesus. Merkins complaining about racist/offensive comments? The irony never ceases.

I don't suppose one can look up Gamertags based on country? It'd be a whole lot easier if I could friend all the UK players and just ignore everyone else. Based on last night's round of having people take the piss out of my accent, my slow brain has drawn the conclusion that any Merkins lacking in basic social skills shouldn't be allowed anywhere near an internet connection, regardless of age.

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I'm mainly American.

But are you lacking basic social skills? Can you talk to someone online without insulting them for doing any of the following:

a) An accidental team kill

B) Dying a lot

c) Not killing any of the opposing team


It's a gross generalisation, so I apologise for saying it, but all the insults have come from Merkins. It's probably just because of the sheer number playing. If there were far more UK types, they'd probably be just as abusive (if at least not making fun of accents. Maybe).

One guy I played with was a total cock and started whinging about how we were all so lame and his level was going to drop and why couldn't we stop dying and start killing people. Dammit. I forgot to leave that guy feedback.

Bungie need to add a feedback response like "He was a dick". Er, I probably need to rant in a different thread. Anyway.

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