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Hip Hop: If You Could Sample One Beat What...


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I had a dream once - quite recently, actually - where I was at work doing my job, and the Wu-Tang Clan's 'C.R.E.A.M.' was playing in the background. Except that after the first couple of verses and hook's the song carried on. It carried on forever and thousands of different rappers all took turns dropping the dopest verses ever created minutes at a time over the sickening piano loop and head-nodding beat. I remember just sitting down and listening to the song carry on forever with those awesome rhymes just coming from nowhere. I think even MC Hammer was droppin' bombs.

It was the best dream I've ever had.

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Have you tried putting an accappella to a beat?


Its really weird at first, but you can cut the vocal to make it fit and you start spacing the rhyme to fit the break - but of course, its must rhyme and must be spaced well, else you'll finished the verse early with one word left.

I worked out a technique and did it with a couple of tracks the earlier SB mixes.

A Similar technique would be needed in this case.

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I dunno - deft use of EQ on a minimal (vocal and drums only) track could do the trick.

Won't be perfect - but you'll get an idea. You can of course pan to get rid of some of the sounds.

In my personal experience of messing about with mashups, the only thing that works is a proper acapella.

Amazingly, there is a technique for making them. However, you do need a copy of the song and its instrumental. You invert the phase of the instrumental and mix it at 100% volume with the original. The inverted frequencies cancel out, leaving only the differences between the two pieces of data, like vocals.

Thing is, it has to be with straight PCM rips from the same source... two mp3s won't be exact enough for the cancelling to happen. Also, the synch between the instrumental and the original has to be ludicrously exact, so matched timings have to be accurate at the highest level of zoom that the wave editor gives you. Fiddly as fuck.

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Not quite the same but I was out at a gig last night which was hosted by Aspects. At one point Probe Mantis had the mic in his hand and Can I Kick It? was playing. All I could think of is wouldn't it be fucking ace if he spit a verse over that!! ;)

Unfortunately he didn't! :P

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really want to start making beats using reason or something.

I've got tons of jazz and old school funk CDs that are perfect for such sampling activities.

Is reason hard to use?

Not really.

You may need a basic concept of how samplers work (this is fairly easy) and sequencing but these details can be found anywhere on the web.

Reason's is one of the programs universities are using (and it makes an ideal grounding to move up to cubase and/or Pro Tools.)

In all fairness, Acid is a better program for use with loops and breaks as it automatically assigns tempo - whereas Reason does not (unless you use recycle and muck about setting break points - this is more expensive, and takes far, far longer when using larger loops).

Reason is better used to create beats from scratch (excuse relevent pun).

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Reason without ReCycle is a pain with loops, unless everything you want to use is at the same BPM. Rather than Acid, I'd use Ableton Live, which I never get tired of (or tired of recommending). You can download a trial version that prevents you from saving/exporting but should do everything else just fine. It's a joy to use.

Reason is very good for building your own loops, though, as Afterbirth says. The effect options are excellent and the mixer / rack metaphor is great to work with. In Reason, I rarely resort to the piano roll - I try and get everything working with the step sequencer and drum machine.

At any rate, if it's beats you want to mess around with, do yourself a favour and grab the Live demo. Small download, big fun.

Oh, and as for the thread title, I'd sample Under Pressure and have some white guy rap about bacon over the top of it.

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