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Dead Or Alive

Gloomy Andy

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missus is away overnight tomorrow so i'll pop on for a couple of hours.

preach, andy, sith, caz maybe, let's have a sesh tomorrow. just say a time and i'll yank myself off the psp for a while.

Darnit I'm out tomorrow night on a works do, thats why I was only gonna drunkenly add people to my list when i get back...

Send me friend request thingies guys if you're playing tomorrow and if youre all on when i get back then I'll happily join in!


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I've played this online about three times, and only one of those was against you guys. I'll keep an eye on this thread, and MSN and the second I see the little "XXX Is playing DOA: Ultimate" pop up I'm going to come and join in*.

*get smacked about

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I have only just started playing this again.

Being back on PSO made me realise how nice it is to play as a team and not against each other. It gets rather tense in some games and it was a refreshing break from it!

But I am back every now and then, give me a shout if any of you guys are online!

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I just came off, I got a load of abuse for being a girl from some German guys when I introduced Lei Fang's high heels to their faces.

Silly twats.

I think I will be leaving the headset off from now on.

Its just not my night tonight :o

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I'll go on now.

You can kick me in your high heels and I'll enjoy it.  Errr, put up with it.

Thats what I meant.


Ooh saucy.

I cant, I have been kicked off of my Xbox so Cal can play more Halo and ignore me even more.


Men are all cunts tonight.

And maybe even tomorrow.

(not you tho, you are kinky yet safe)

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