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Sega On The Psp

Hello Goaty ♥

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Confirmed titles by Sega for the PSP.

TOKYO--Though none of the titles have names yet, Sega has announced that it has in development four more titles for the PSP. The games join Puyo Puyo Fever and the enigmatic "Project S" on the company's official PSP site. The games' descriptions, printed in their entireties below, reveal a bit about what players might expect from them.

- New Type of Communication Game

- Multiplayer Sports Game

- Graphic Adventure Game

- Digital Pet Game

Everything else about the titles, from release dates to developers to prices, is unknown. It is also not yet known whether the games will be brand-new titles or ports of popular Sega franchises. Leaving aside the "new type of communication game," Sega has well-recognized properties in the other three genres.

Sega is known for its multiplayer sports series Power Smash (Virtua Tennis). Additionally, the Sakura Taisen graphic adventure series is very popular in Japan, and a fifth installment is due next summer. Of course, Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast was one of the best-known digital pet games. However, developer Vivarium has been working with other publishers on its PlayStation 2 releases of the games.

GameSpot will bring you any additional information on Sega's PSP lineup

and A few weeks ago magicbox said Virtua tennis was due for a PSP release sometime this year.

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Why do you all think Rez would be such a good idea on a handheld? Rez is best on a giant TV screen with the sound blasting in all directions.

I like the Jet Set Radio suggestion though.

Load up your own mp3's + headphones + short levels with hi-scores to beat + that screen = train journey heaven!

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Yeah man, to be ultra-hard-to-the-core you've got to tell everyone that likes those games that their wrong!

I'm mega ultra hardcore me.

Anyway.. back on topic... Super Monkey Ball for *all* platforms possible (it'd rock the most on the DS though and you know it)

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As someone mentioned, Jet Set Radio would be a good choice - make it look all flashy and such; the use of the widescreen would be cool too. Probably.

Would I be asking to much if they added some sort of Wi-Fi ability to it? :lol:

if so, could equal to the greatest game...ever

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