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Name That Film #482


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It's fairly new, probably late 2004.

I was quite drunk when I saw it, and have absolutely no recollection of the story.

There was a kind of cyber-punk looking sexy bird in it. But like I said, I was drunk, so she may have been a complete dog.

There were definitely breasts in it.

It was probably French.

The title was a single word.

Help me obi-wotsit, you're my only thingy.


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Like I said, I don't remember a great deal about it. That's why I wanted to find out what it was called, so I could see it again.

Lush visuals, that's for sure.

Now I need to find out when the DVD's released.

Thanks again guys.

Edit: Ooh, Amazon France have it already. In fact, they've had it for ages. It doesn't say if it has English subtitles though. Linky.

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Pah, I was thinking Immortel from the very first post. Damn you to hell, Vemsie, you've cost me Hardwired's love and admiration today and that I will never forgive.


You still have my love though. That's gotta be worth something.

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Yep, I edited my post a while back to say I'd found it on Amazon France. 26 Euros, and I don't speak a word of French. Got to be worth the risk!

Ulala, the day Vemsie beats your SGG score is the day he steals my love and admiration away from you. And that day will never come.

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My limited grasp of French was handy for the reviews further down your link - 'Where is the plot? ..without emotion [or] interest...' - but that was only one of them and the rest seemed fairly positive. Besides, anyone who'd read the original story would tell you that it was more a mood/visual experience than a straight-up storytelling one. It's most...peculiar.

How much is 26 euros in proper money? Twelvety pounds, right?

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English dubs it seems

The books are good.


It was dubbed into Italian when I saw it at the cinema, so it'll be nice to see it in English. I honestly thought it would have been in French originally.

Anyway, I've ordered it from Amazon (luckily my account was still there from ordering Kaena), so I'll let y'all know what the DVD's like when it arrives.

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CD-Wow are doing this for 9 quid now, without the obligtory French subtitles that were stuck on the Amazon France version (although the packaging on the French version is gorgeous).


Definitely worth it for less than a tenner. I might even buy myself another copy.

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