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Nfsu Rivals Psp


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The japanese release of this is only a week away now, + I'm definitely ready for a new game. What I want to know is if anyone can tell me how much of the game's menus will be jap/english. It'd be a tough game to get through with all the customisation options if it's mostly japanese. Anyone have any info about this so I can decide whether to order it or not?

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TBH, I think Rivals looks, and sounds appalling.

The fact that it's going back to the restrictive single race and not the open city format has really put me off, especially considering the NFSU:1 races were nothing but dull.

I dunno, there's just nothing that's really kicked my intrest in this at all. I'd love a new game, Ape Escape Acadamy I got bored of within a week, Ridge Racers I've finished the World Tour now and Lumines I've just not had time to play recently.

NFSU:Rivals just doesn't seem to be that game though, especially as I've just finished NFSU:2, I don't want to see another NFSU game for at least a year :lol:

MC3 for me too, lets just hope it isn't as horrendously difficult as MC2 was.

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