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I've had this TOSEC torrent of Amiga ADFs (not to mention several GBs of otherwise-downloaded ADFs) for several months now. I've not been able to play any on my A1200 or CD32, despite knowing how to do it for ages now. Obviously I couldn't transfer the ADFs on disk as they're too big for 720k, and although I had TwinExpress which I could network with, it was on CD and my CD32 doesn't have a keyboard (which you need at the amiga end), nor does my A1200 have a CD drive. For ages I've been looking for a reasonably-priced Amiga CD drive or keyboard, without success.

So this gamut of classics was sat there unused for ages, I didn't want to play them on emulators. I'd bought these Amigas (well, I earned the A1200 by spending a day working on a mate's car) and dammit, I was going to play some classics on them. I even tried running TwinExpress between my CD32 and PC as a test, and it didn't work. Another obstacle.

Yesterday, I finally look at the TwinExpress files on this networking CD and it turns out, after all this time, the program is miniscule. Miniscule enough to fit on a 720k floppy with space left over. After contorting to kick myself in the head for a while I set up a partition on the PC for all the games I wanted, which I spent about two hours extracting from this TOSEC compilation. I transferred TwinExpress to the A1200, got the serial link set up and connected, ran TwinExpress on the A1200 and, with no small amount of trepidation, typed c:\twin\twin into the PC's DOS prompt and waited for the response:

>>> Communication is established with the remote computer <<<



Some fiddling later (the connection is fairly slow, not to mention actually writing the ADFs back to disk with transADF, both of which are quite temperamental) and I can play all these games the way they were meant to be played™. It's gonna take ages to sort all this stuff out (I've got about 400 disks strewn about the room now, many of which are duplicates, none of which I can be sure are working), but I'm on cloud nine today to have got it working finally :D

Note to anyone who tries this: on a PC, TwinExpress only works properly in real-mode DOS. Apparently Windows doesn't like programs trying to access COM ports directly, which I discovered when I tried it from a command prompt and it didn't work, claiming something was wrong with my COM port, which until yesterday had never been used.

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Seriously, well done, much praise deserved for your effort! I downloaded said Tosec compilation (and boy are there some dupes!) but I've not been as hardcore as you...I just emulate....I even bought a network kit a while back...anyway I digress, well done and enjoy....fellow amiga fans rejoice. (make sure you play deluxe galage, myth, captain planet....that a500 classic...and god knows, EVERYTHIN!)

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When I said 400 disks, this was the stuff I had already (I used to have an A500 when I was at school, somehow it disappeared but the games didn't). I've only copied about three games across so far. There's lots of dupes in the games I had before and stuff that doesn't work, so it's going to be great to get rid of the copies and use all the spare disks to dump more classics onto. :lol:

Seriously though, how much smaller would that compilation have been if they'd not put all the different-language variants of each game and the differently-cracked copies? Never mind. I'm now onto downloading the 9.5GB torrent of CD32 games..

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I know man, it was wayyyyyyyy too elaborate but I guess I can't complain...it's better than nothing.

I'v got a CD32 in a wardrobe somwhere....never got many games for it tho....I was blown away by microcosm and it's fmv intro....no doubt you'll get the chance to play that 9.5 gigs from now :lol: good downloadin mate

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i've downloaded the complete games/programs/demos/PD/CD32 TOSEC's, but i haven't played any of them out of lazyness ;)

I've got just about every WHDload game on my 30 gig hard drive on my 1200, and that works a gazillion times better than messing about with floppies.

Gonna write the CD32 stuff to cd soon though, too bad i don't have a cd32 and emulation on the 1200 isn't allways flawless.

Still, good show! now get a pcmcia network card and make the whole transfer-thing fly B)

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