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Analord 10

jeff mills gran

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Will there be a standard release of Analord 10 or is it only going to be available as part of the binder?

Analord 10 might see a release, I'm not quite sure.

Oh found this...

Just imagine what Analord 10 wth a full binder would fetch? We might find out as soon as this fall as the Analord series is on schedule to wrap up around June or July with the release of the regular Analord 10 vinyl sans the binder.


Nuloop.com has RealAudio samples of the tracks from Analord 6 on their site. If you've liked the previous 5 (6) Analord releases, this one is sure to please. Analord 6 is out April 11th.

Analord 6

* Batine Acid

* Snivel Chew

* I'm Self Employed

* 2 analogue talks

* Analoggins - written by Captain Voafose and Smojphace

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Just listened to Klob Job (analord 3)

all I can say is .......

i think its vastly overrated, but then again most recent work by RDJ is.. rephlex could sell turds with rephlex flags stuck in em and their drooling fanbase would buy em up like hotcakes..

fenix funk 5 is pretty sweet though... but only when the bassline kicks in!!

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