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Anyone Going Reading This Year ?


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Didn't The Futureheads play last year as well? Anyway, I expect it'll get better nearer the time. I wish they'd announce more bands for Glastonbury soon though, then I can decide.

As soon as they announced that they weren't having a dance tent, but a dance FIELD this year I was sold! Screw it if the main stages are a bit shit, this year's gonna be a mashup session to end all mashup sessions!

Oh, but the Chems might be playing the Other stage again this year (yet another reason I'll be there) And Basement Jaxx might be on the pyramid.

Stu - Don't be a touting nobber!

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Didn't sell out the year before. Though. Hey Stu, if you tout tickets your a cunt, simple as.

And I have my Readng tickets. wooooooo!

He's right Stu. Don't do it.

Although, erm, I've bought 2 tickets to that Tom Jones birthday thing with the intention of selling them on. Maybe I'll give them to my ma and pa instead..

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I can't see a Leeds Festy thread so i'll post here! I have a ticket, booked it ages ago thank god.

Thing is the lineup this year doesnt interest me one little bit i just want to know what's oging down in the dance tent and theres no listings for that yet :)

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Some new additions:

Radio 1 Lock-Up Stage

Saturday 27 August

Bad Religion - Fuck Yeah!

Hatebreed - confirmed

Anti-flag - Fuck Yeah!

Rise Against - confirmed

Eighteen Visions - confirmed

Dwarves - confirmed

Capdown - Fuck Yeah!

Million Dead - confirmed

Emanuel - confirmed

The Explosion - confirmed

No Comply - confirmed

Carling Tent

Friday 26 August

Ladytron - confirmed

Charlotte Hatherley - confirmed

Saul Williams - confirmed

The National - confirmed

Mando Diao - confirmed

The Paddingtons - confirmed

We Are Scientists - confirmed

The Blood Arm - confirmed

The Cherubs - confirmed

Two Gallants - confirmed

The Rogers Sisters - confirmed

Saturday 27 August

The Go! Team - confirmed

The Raveonettes - confirmed

Sleater Kinney - confirmed

Caesars - confirmed

Yeti - confirmed

Dogs - confirmed

Arctic Monkeys - confirmed

The Mystery Jets - confirmed

747's - confirmed

Clor - confirmed

Neon - confirmed

Sunday 28 August

Echo and the Bunnymen - confirmed

Adam Green - confirmed

The Dresden Dolls - confirmed

Engineers - confirmed

Amusement Parks On Fire - confirmed

Komakino - confirmed

Towers Of London - confirmed

The Rifles - confirmed

Battle - confirmed

Every Move A Picture - confirmed

Young Offenders Institute - confirmed

Boy Kill Boy - confirmed

Forward Russia - confirmed

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Some new additions:

Radio 1 Lock-Up Stage

Rise Against - confirmed

Dwarves - confirmed

Capdown - confirmed

Million Dead - confirmed

No Comply - confirmed

Carling Tent

Friday 26 August

Charlotte Hatherley - confirmed

You lucky people...

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Friday 26th August









+ DJs


+ THE FILTHY DUKES (Trash/Barfly)

Saturday 27th August












DJs between bands supplied by URBAN GORILLA

both days / both sites

ohhhhh yeah :rolleyes:

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Just got my tickets delivered to work. They're sitting on my desk right now. WOOOOOOO!

Everyone else who has their tickets hi5



Got mine this morning! I am well up for it now! 2 and a bit weeks and counting!


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got mine a few weeks ago, just making last minute preps now, like making sure i can pack everything i need to bring with me and all that bumf.

NOFX are making the weekend for me, since i told the girlfrind id go see foo's so bad religion will be missed. not that the foos is a bad thing!

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I refuse ever to return to Reading - been four times in the 90s but 1998 was the final straw that broke Hairy Jesus' back :)

The place is an utter rip-off - you can't take drinks into the arena - you have to buy them in there.

The place is a tip - rubbish everywhere - and this is not helped by the mountain of flyers and promotional junk that is given out over the three days. :)

The place is full of pesky kids - had to tell a group of lads off who were putting deoderant cans into a camp fire... made Hairy Jesus feel old. :angry:

Reading railway station - I am a customer and will not be forced to wait outside until the last minute to get my train. :angry:

The organisers always put big bands in the smaller tents... Hairy Jesus saw the Foo Fighters in 94 (I think) when they played their first UK gig in the small tent - needless to say, 60,000 people tried to get in to watch... rubbish! :angry:

Sorry to spoil your fun festie-goers.

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That’s a fair set of comments there. It’s just your opinion though. I agree whole heartedly of course, but any chance to take drugs drink beer and act like I’m 15 again cannot be missed!

The whole line up for Leeds/Reading this year is bollocks to be honest. The only thing I want to see this time round is in the dance tent.. last year I wanted to see things on every stage.

Ah well it’ll still be a grand weekend!

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Last year was awful for stupid kids. I remember finding a kid in 2000 who was celebrating his GCSE results and he was a great novelty. Last year the average age of kids was about 16, all of them getting drunk for the first time in their lives and acting KERRRRAAZZZY! All you could fucking hear and see was Green Day for the whole weekend. 2002 will never be beat!

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Yeah there's loads of kids, but I first went when I was a kid at college, just a year after my GCSE's. And the line up is totally sweet: Go Team, Brtish Sea Power, Arcade Fire. Come ON! They're amazing scenes.

All I've got to decide now is do I camp with my uni mates or my brother and his massive gang- there are pros and cons on either side!

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