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Making A Stuffed Crust Piza


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I've decided to make my own pizza tonight. I'm going to be making the base myself and I really fancy stuffing the crust with some sort of cheese.

The big question is what cheese do I use? I think a cheddar would go too runny and I'm really after one that will be stringy. I'm basically aiming for the sort of texture you get in Pizza Hut et al.

Anyone got any experience in this highly specialised crust based field??

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Like a dream. It was mainly mozzarella with a bit of grated parmesan and it broke up the MASSIVE crust so the whole thing didn't feel stodgey.

I'd thoroughly recommend making your own pizza, it beats the crap out of most of the supermarket stuff and provides a surprisingly rewarding experience.

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The base was made using a packet of Wrights White Bread mix, it also says suitable for pizza on the pack, from Sainsburys. Make it according to the instructions on the pack whick will take about an hour including raising time. Dont forget to use flour on the tray and preparing surface to stop it from sticking.

Roll out the dough into a pizza shape, remembering to make it bigger than you want to take the stuffed crust into account. I just sprinkled some crappy grated mozzarella and finely grated parmesan around the edge and then rolled the sides over it to make the crust.

For the tomato sauce I used a tube of sun dried tomato paste from Sainsburys. Spread it thin over the base, add some slices of fresh mozzarella and fill in the gaps with some matured cheddar. Add slices of pepperoni and sliced chillies, fresh black pepper and basil and drizzle the whole thing with a good olive oil.

Stick it in the oven at around 220 for about 10-15 mins. Garnish with more basil and serve with a glass of fine red wine et voila.

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