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Psp With 50gb Hd


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I don't think this will be from Sony Computer Entertainment, but from Sony Corp as the President said they would be releasing a new portable music player at the end of the year to take on the iPod. :lol:

So, a stripped down/remodeled PSP - no gameplay features, a reduced LCD screen and a 50 gb hdd slugged in it priced at £150 - the Sony PMP (Portable Media/Music Player). :D

Sony preps 'iPod killer'

By Tony Smith

Published Friday 18th February 2005 15:55 GMT

Watch out, Apple - Sony is coming after you. But it's the iPod's market share the Japanese giant wants, not the company itself.

Sony president Kunitake Ando today expressed the consumer electronics firm's confidence that by the end of the year it will bring to market a portable digital music player "much more competitive than the iPod".

"We have put in place a very aggressive plan to become number one again," he said, according to newswire reports.

Attributing Apple's success to the iPod's ease of use, Ando noted that to beat the Mac maker at Sony's own game - it created the personal stereo market with the Walkman, after all - the company must "develop software that makes use of our products more intuitive and simple".

That's in addition to embracing standards such as the MP3 digital audio format. It took the company a long time to bring native MP3 support to its digital music players, and it now looks like it's planning to add the format to its MiniDisc product line. Until last Autumn, Sony was wedded to its own ATRAC 3 format( developed for MiniDisc) - unlike many computer users.

But what about that perennial question: might Sony acquire Apple? This has been asked regularly since Apple co-operated with Sony in the design and manufacture of the original PowerBook, the PowerBook 100, and later when Apple ran into money troubles in the mid-1990s.

According to Ando, a takeover is even less likely now than it was then. Quite simply, the success of the iPod has made Apple "too expensive", he said.

Co-operation between the two companies may be in the offing - quite apart from the fact they're both being sued by a French consumer group. IBM and Sony's PowerPC-derived Cell processor is a possible candidate for upcoming Apple AV products, Merrill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich said this week.

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Yes, just over 4hours.


didn't these jokes become a bit pointless (and by pointless I mean really fucking worthless, you fanny) when the thing came out and the battery turned out to be okay?

I too thought that all the websites found the battery life to be a decent figure. Did they get spent special units with a more expensive powerful battery?

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Its a powerful machine and its state of the art IMO.

No point comparing to a laptop or anything. Its good enough to stand on its own. The battery isnt an issue at all for me as i only play it indoors. It would be mighty faustrating if it ran out on the move though.

Hopefully additional batteries and long life batteries will be released soon. $30 is the going rate for an additonal battery right now.

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Rumour is that MS might be trying for a similar sort of thing with the XBox 360's removable drive.

Citing a "reliable source", technology news site Engadget revealed details of the removable hard drive, claiming that the unit attaches to the top of the console "in a really slick way, almost like the hood scoop on a muscle car."


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