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Rate The Ds Games Please

Graham S

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Have you EVER been able to play it with anyone else, though? I don't know anyone else offline that owns a DS.

I've played against John Pickford's Japanese DS, and against my scumbag friend Tom's, which is a UK model (VIP pack).

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Mario64 DS - 8/10

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt - 2/10 (7/10 as a demo. Love the graphics, plays like a turd.)

WarioWare Touched Demo - 7/10 (10/10 as a demo)

Going to wait for the PAL release games, so at the moment my DS is mainly a GBA player.. mmm Racing Gears Advance = best. Shoulder buttons feel a bit weak, especially when playing GBA games but I really like the console overall and looking forward to seeing better games.. playing on the GBA SP feels wierd and outdated now :D

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Mario 64 - 7/10 - Needs a nicer thumb-strap. I don't like the rolling you get off the one that comes with it. One which has the same shape as a thumb-tack but not so likely to tear the screen to pieces would do nicely. Mini games are stunning and the character-centric differences from the original are excellent.

Wario - 9/10 - Near-perfect, no-compromise fusion between hardware and software.

Mr Driller - 5/10 - If I didn't have Drill Land or Ace, this would be perfect. I do, so it feels like a massive step back.

Ridge Racer DS - 5/10 - Would be lovely if it weren't for the horribly snappy handling. You slide, and suddenly snap into going straight ahead. Usually into a wall.

Feel the Magic - 6/10 - Nice tech demo with real UGA touches about it, but not enough to do.

Chokkan Hitafude - 8/10 - Nice puzzler which could do with being a little less boring in it's presentation. Endless lastability due to passcode system.

Zoo Keeper - 8/10 - Forget playing with a D-pad or a mouse. Zoo Keeper has found it's spiritual home here, giving direct interaction with the animals. The combos you can rack up with the stylus are insane.

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I really hate the thumb strap. I used it once or twice and it was pretty good, but I always think it will get sweaty and manky. It's the idea of a control method that you 'attach' yourself to - I don't like that.

It's shite, isn't it? Keeps going loose whenever you use it, and it's really fiddly. The stylus is where it's at- it works fantastically with Mario 64.

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Chokkan Hitofude - 5

Daigasso! Band Brothers - 9

Feel the Magic - 7

Super Mario 64 DS - 7

In summary - get Band Brothers! I'm considering purchasing the western release of it as well, as the music composing extra hurts my brain without translation, but I'd be surprised if the music will be as good (that is to say that the music is slightly above MIDI quality, which suits a lot of JPop quite well, particularly seeing as I'm hardly missing the lyrics, as does it suit the computer game music, but I question its suitability for most American Music (though I do like Smoke on the Water in Band Brothers I must admit)

In other news, I can't beat level 4 of Pro mode :)

Must try harder! (Or get a thumb transplant...)

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Mario 64 DS - 7

A nice remix of the original game... Its fun to play again anyway. The minigames are ok but disappointing for high score nutters on some accounts. I'm talkin' luck games here.

Polarium - 6

Insanely addictive in tetris mode, especially with a competetive girlfriend to hand. The draw-your-hiscore-name feature is beautiful. The puzzles are great for toilet-time, I just wish there were more. Plus the level editor is a bit dodgy, and 2 player is basically shit.

Feel the Magic- 5

Poor man's wario, pretty much. Really quite amusing, but repetetive even the first time round. There is no second time.

Wario Ware Touched - 7

You know what to expect if you've played the original. The levels are fun to play over and over although you wont catch me blowing my ds on the train. There is a lack of fun 2 player L-R games and side games- they have been mostly replaced with pointless little toys which are fun for all of 3 seconds. Still, I can see this being played to death in the Couk household.

Metroid Demo- 4

Shit Sandwhich

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Pictochat- Hilarious/10

I know it's not a game but when your just sitting there drawing pictures of Shit Mario and penises and placing bets on soul calibur its great.

Has anyone noticed the cutscene in WarioWare, where Wario eats the garlic, that a little cock has been scribbled in the top-left of the screen spouting jizz?

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I can only rate what I have:

Wario Ware: The perfect non-gamer's game. No prior knowledge of anything to do with gaming is required, all you have to do is what it tells you to do. Cut scenes are a pointless addition when all you want to do is play, and some of the souvenirs are quite useless. But the actual game itself is as brilliant as ever, if missing the longevity. 8.

Super Mario 64 DS: At times irritating to control, but still mesmerising. Easy to jump into for a quick blast. The minigames are mostly arse, however, save for firing Bob-ombs with a catapult, and the Where's Wally style game. At least, of the initial ones. I haven't opened up much yet.

Main game wise, I've not played much. I have five stars, I've done some exploring, I've spat a few eggs, and I think I may have played the level that Dave Perry got pissed off at. At least it's one of those slip-slidey ones. I sympathise with him now, a bit, except he had the luxury of an analogue stick. I've got a stylus. 8.

Metroid Prime: Hunters: Good, if lacking (though it is a demo). Great graphics, and sharp controls although jumping isn't as intuitive as it should be and you can find yourself jumping when you don't want to at times. Plus when looking around you might find yourself turning into a morph ball or changing weapons. It's got potential though, there's not too much to be inferred from the demo and certainly I need to test the multiplayer element which could be excellent. Unrated (demo).

and Pictochat: I've yet to talk to anyone but as I said in another thread, doodling is great. My girlfriend (correctly) remarked that it was a glorified Magna-Doodle, but I always wanted one of those and Santa never delivered, so this is in his face. The DS should have come with built in doodling software, but you know it's just a matter of time.

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