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Road Trip Is On Bbc1 Tonight

Hello Goaty ♥

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Tom Green is great in this.

Actually this is a great film all round.

Christ, it's just started. What am I doing posting here?

Actually, Tom Green is the reason I nearly hate this film. But I don't, I quite like it, in spite of Mr Green.

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I hate Tom Green!

I am constantly reminded of his brief 'appearance' in an episode of Family Guy, which is very funny!

Would love him to die!


Yeah, I can imagine old Tom being as weird and annoying in real life, too. It seems they stucks his bits in just for the sake of getting his name on the cover, rather than to add anything to the plot.

Still a good film, though.

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First time I've seen this. Enjoyable, 7/10.

Does anyone else get their baps out in the unrated version?

Does anyone else get their baps out? I thought pretty much everyone got their baps out in the TV version... Maybe in the unrated version they have a kind of extended Tom Green dream, where he imagines the entire female cast all lezzing each other up for half an hour. Which would be ridiculous and sexist of course... :(

Nice avatar, btw.

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Saw this several times at the cinema with various people, subsequently ruining the snake payoff for everyone who viewed it after the first time due to intense laughter in the run-up to it and people wondering what the fuck I was laughing about..

Best bit of the whole film is where DJ Qualls is in the sperm bank and slams the clipboard down saying "Well I guess that's me out... I had sex last night... WITH A GIRL! MMMMMMMMM!!"

Although, there are some good, understated funny lines all the way through. The bit on the bus where the black lady talks about how her man ran off with "my sister and my van and that was a full-sized van, before they started making all that mini-van crap." is excellent for starters.

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