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The Car Boot Thread 27/2


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I managed to get out to one this morning and despite being nearly an hour late I managed to find a few bargains:

PS1 Namco museum volume 1 and Final Fantasy IX.

£10 the pair

PS2 Dark cloud and PC Heroes of might and magic platinum collection( includes I, II, II:price of loyalty expansion, III, III: armageddon's blade expansion and III: The shadow of death expansion)

£10 the pair.

An Dilbert season 1 VHS' for £2.

I'm delighted with the Heroes of might and magic collection and the Namco museum vol. 1 is minty fresh.

So what has everyone else got then?

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Boxed megacd 2 - £20

Unboxed megacd 2, 3 games, megadrive 2, £5

decided to ignore a shed load of megadrive stuff, simply can't be arsed with it any more.

astro wars - £3

house of 1000 corpses DVD - £1.00

ati all in one pro 128 = useful as a cheapo pvr etc, £5 .

Thats it, it was bloody cold this morning so I tore round - I did see someone buying aMASSIVE box of transformers this morning.real haul..


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Went for a wander round one close to me. Wasn't expecting to find anything at all as it was small and I was late but managed to find 8 game gears for £12.

Got a really really mint boxed copy of Zelda LttP for the SNES on Saturday. Cost me £19.99 but it looks like new. Even has the seal on the box in tact and a sealed secrets book.


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