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From Russia With Love is by far my favourite (I'm reading the book at the moment). GoldenEye is excellent, too - and not just because of the game!

Timothy Dalton did one of the best 007 films (The Living Daylights) and one of the worst (Licence to Kill). Though even LTK was miles better than Moonraker...

Of Roger Moore's movies, The Man WIth the Golden Gun is probably my favourite. Guilty pleasure. :)

OHMSS was the last Bond film I saw - I taped it when ITV showed them all in order in 1999, but I didn't get around to watching it all the way through until last year. But when I did, I loved it!

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The Living Daylights for me. The way UA spun out the rest of the movie from the opening pre-title sequence (The Living Daylights was only a short story and ended where the title sequence began) and Timothy Dalton as Bond (underated and overlooked by many unfortunately) encapsulated the whole Bond theme for me.

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1. From Russia With Love

2. Goldfinger

3. Goldeneye

All the Moore films are so cringeworthy that I just can't enjoy them. Stop raising your fucking eyebrow! ;)

As for most underrated? I'd have to go with Tomorrow Never Dies. Not the best Brosnan film, but still quite clever with some nifty gadgets to boot.

Best Bond girl easily has to be Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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Dr No or GoldenEye.

Dr No's the one with Sean Connery getting back to his hotel, checking his room for bugs, then sitting down with a whisky and just looking completely fucked off? Favourite bit in the whole series.

GoldenEye's just fantastic fun, and Pierce is perfect.

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The Man With the Golden Gun

Moore isn't the best Bond by a good bit, but a rather nifty theme song, Nik Nak and the great Christopher Lee make this an excellent Bond film. Also a flying car for Christ's sake! A car with blummin' wings! Crazy.

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