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Rumble Roses?


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I walked past Game this morning, and without stopping, caught a very quick glimpse of a (PS2?) game called Rumble Roses.

There appeared to be a couple of ladies having a bit of a wrestle, and another one standing around...possibly waiting for a bus? All three appear to have gotten lost on their way to the beach and/or a lingerie fashion show....

Now, I have no intention of buying this, even if it is the best game ever (cos of the wife, see)...but is this actually going to be a game that can stand up in its own right? Or are they totally, completely and unashamedly trying to cash in on the age and mentatlity of the majority of gamers?

Is it going to be all tits 'n jiggly bits, or is it going to quite frankly rock? It can of course rock WITH titty-jiggles, but I just assume it won't....

And finally: \/\/07 R teh n00d c0d3z!!!1

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It's a wrestling game in disguise. I bought it and sold it again the same day. If you like wrestling games you'll be fine, if not then don't bother. Get DOAU instead if it's tits you're after. There is a decent game in there too.

Not really in disguise though, is it?

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I read that it's got shit gameplay. Maybe that, then...

Best stick with FirePro, I will.

I don't know what "shit gameplay" means. I've played the game, and it seems like there's plenty of fun to be had if you like that sort of thing.

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