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Native 'like' Shmup To Come To Dc


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I think it's highly unlikely that this will come out. Jaguar fanboys have been creaming themselves over the potential of Native since about 1996 or whenver that demo came out.

Those guys took about two years to create a Lynx game (that did come out - I even bought it). And don't forget this isn't them talking, just some bloke who claims to know them on a forum.

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apparently it wont be released.

who cares?

Trizeal is coming!

G.Rev's "Senko No Ronde" is also coming..

Click: Kron: So, that DC port [of Senko no Ronde]... definite or just super-highly possible?

Kron: Its a definate click (you have my word).

I've passed the release information in the past about the Border Down, Psy2 and Shiki 2 and Chaos Field DC releases so I hope that is in someway an indicator.

Click: Kron - I'll take your word. Would it be sneaky to hint at it on the front page?

Kron: Entirely your call!

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