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Nick Broomfield Boxset


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Just a heads up for anyone who might want to know but doesn't, Nick Broomfield's 'Documenting Icons' boxset comes out on Monday (the 7th of March), and looks pretty swell.

Got 'Chicken Ranch', 'Heidi Fleiss', 'Fetishes', 'Soldier Girls', 'Tracking Down Maggie' and 'The Leader, the Driver and the Driver's Wife', so that's pretty much all of his best work that hasn't already been released.

Anyone else looking forward to this? I had the second 'Aileen' documentary on when it was shown on C4 the other night, reminded me how much I like the guy's work!

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The only box set ones I've seen are 'The Leader' and some of 'Chicken Ranch', so its pretty much all new material for me! :angry:

Also a Fetishes special edition coming out on Monday, I'm trying to find out if it has better extras than the box set edition, see if there's any excuse for me to buy it.

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Low ratings on IMDB? Woah. That comes as a big surprise.

I mean if you hate documentary I would say you should avoid him, other than that it's hard to fault him on anything other than it all being a bit tabloid, which needn't be a bad thing anyway. Michael Moore and Louis Theroux owe a lot to him, they're both basically mimicing his style, naive but not, if you know what I mean.

But yeah, S8N, see some, get something like Aileen, Biggie and Tupac, or Kurt and Courtney. S'all good.

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Aileen is one of the most saddening documentaries I've ever seen. An absolutely spot on depiction of society and how it fails those who most need its support.

Only a spoiler if you don't know the story...

Click For Spoiler
Society allowed her to lead this god awful life and then put her down almost like a stray dog. J Bush really is an evil fu*ker.
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