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It's just under 5000 tris, which might be a little high for the amount of definition I have, I dunno - I'm learning... Well I have tried modeling on an off for years but never seem to finish anything, mostly I like making the models then it comes to UV mapping and rigging and texturing and I get really frustrated. 5000 seems alright for half life 2 though.

Modeled in XSI hl2 mod tool version, and intended for HL2 eventually although the mod myself and a friend were thinking of will likely never come into fruition. Hopefully I will get it in game at least if not included in anything. The mod was a sort of cyberpunk affair but less sci fi than the likes of dystopia, this would be a street/urban samuri character (hence odd leg protection loosely based on some samuri armor (probably got my terms/history confused there, but it's an aesthetic thing more than a factual one)).

I was pretty pleased with the trainers, although they don't look exactly like cons as intended, I still like.

Not Vin Diesel but he was supposed to be black so, I guess I did something right.

The arms probbly need a big more definition, I didn't want uber muscles but they are pretty flat.

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Look what I found my Nan's! Childhood drawings of Sonic. :(





Image one is Green Hill zone boss from Sonic 1

and the third image is almost certainly Sonic 2's Chemical Plant Zone!! Your emerging genius is even apparent in your kiddie scribblings! ;)

I have just about everything ive drawn from the age of 14 upwards (im 25 now) stored in my Attic back in Cardiff.. Some unbelievably poor stuff in there (but always fun to look how you've progressed over the years!)

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Yes! Discovering them yesterday was quite wonderful. Sonic's what got me into drawing in the first place, after all.

And ironaically, the stuff you're now far surpasses the generic wank that can be seen in recent sonic games.

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