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this is a little somat i cooked up over the boaring hols that i'm in....i so board (and poor) i may have to sell some stuff, geez

but anyway i'd thought i'd give the old red pen a nice spit shine and get it to work....

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In my never ending quest to try and do a decent version of my WoW avatar, here is the latest version.


It's come on better than the last few but still loads of problem areas. Hands are fucking hard to do. I understand the anatomical theory behind hands, but putting them on paper is a fucking nightmare for me. Also, her breasts are incredibly wrong (gravity notwithstanding, I mean more the shape) and the belt's wonky. Still, cracking on like.

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yes agreed hands are one of the most difficult things to draw. It may sound simple but try looking at your left hand while drawing with your right. The above outline is looking pretty finished and confidently drawn .Maybe try bringing the thumbs towards the fingers and away from the wrist.

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Flyer I did for a gig a mate of mine is putting on:


His scan has chopped off the bottom of your zombie blokes hand, which I've only just noticed :) . Hope it doesn't get put out like that...

Band descriptions are nothing to do with me... Except Total Dismay, which I changed 'cause I play in them and the original description was just plain daft.

The gig is in Leeds, which (again) I've just noticed now it doesn't actually say on the flyer... -_-

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Now, I am really happy with this. It's the first thing I've done in months I'm pleased with. The right eye needs touching up and the bottom of the robe needs sorting but apart from that I'm happy. Now just to figure out how I'm going to colour the fucking thing.

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You see, I was waiting for the kettle to boil, and we had these cork parts lying around from a DIY massacre, so...

Anyway, the end result is that I now have a very nice cup of tea right here in front of me.

Now y'see, that's art, that is.

Made me smile anyways.

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