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"bouncies" is a little toy I'm playing with that takes some of the theory from my "bleh" platformer template and attempts to recreate the thrill of being Shell Mario in New Super Mario Bros. - you can see the normal platforms, the wall, and a breakable block or two. Sadly the vertical collision is very floaty at the mo (balance is a nightmare: on some occassions I've gone too far the other way and had the shell fall through the level), but since the objects have all their scripting built into them I've made it so that you can drag and drop the blocks and platforms before letting the shell loose with the grey button (which also acts as Jump.)

Anyway, I might try and remake the concept in my own style (rather than Mario's) sometime; not sure...

Oh, and here is a little Ouendan test I once made with my "Sonic Illusion" theory, but at present I think there aren't enough frames in the "closing circle" anim for people to react quickly enough... And I need the linking dots etc.

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