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Posted this the other day but it got wiped...


A guide:

Top left: My girlfriend Lulu under the delusion that she's a princess. I tend to smile and nod.

Top Right: A smokin' guy with hairy armpits, obviously.

Middle Left: Smee! The thing on the right was another lulu but it looked crap so i tore a layer of beermat off, but missed the hand, as you can see.

Middle Right: Some sort of paedo

Bottom left: A sneak peak at a thing me and FargalEX are doing. Shhh!

Bottom Right: An outrageously irritating couple that were in the corner of the pub. She was all over him (when she wasn't shouting down her phone) and he just kept looking round with his tiny face, as if he was seeking praise for being on a (shit) date with the human claxon.

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Couk- theyre cool. theyed look even cooler in little frames along a wall.

something ill probably never get around to finishing


Ooh, inspired by iam8bit were ya? Pacman's teeth are very jhonen vasqez!

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There's not a lot to show at the moment, but I'm currently working on...well, I guess it could best be described as a puzzler, but it might have the pacing of a shooter: "fruity" sends a load of fruits down the screen in pairs, and the player must move to the reel at the bottom of the screen that will not have a fruit fall into it, before switching it to the right fruit. I anticipate loads of pairs flying down the screen really quickly with the player having to quickly focus on both the reel s/he needs to switch on and the fruit that needs to be selected. Sure, it's a simplified version of many block-matching titles, but where they focused on slow delivery of a massive challenge delivered bit-by-bit, "fruity" will deliver challenges one by one at a fast pace. And I don't think I've tried anything similar to this yet, either...

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Heres something that took me about five minutes. I thought id just have a mess about with textures in max and reflections when i hit upon the idea of the little marbles. They really did remind me of marbles so i just created a couple of different ones around a bigger metal sphere.


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There's a lot of talent in this thread. I know that sounds so bum licky, but frankly we could take a ton of the stuff in here and make a perfectly respectable exhibition. I'm not suggesting we do of course, that would be way too <opposite of deviant>.

Fargal, when you're really famous can I tell people that I know you?

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