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You should try some of that paint that glows under ultra-violet light. Your stuff would look great like that.

I've considered this before, but I'd be needing a UV light before I try anything. I wonder if I can get a cheap one anywhere?

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I found it easier, but I wrote and drew the first one together. That sounds like I was just making it up as I was going along, but I wasn't....honest. Drawing the next part is going to be a lot harder I think, there's a lot more going on in it. I'm putting it off at the moment anyway, I'd like to know what people think of the first one. Those that have bought it anyway.



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How much very :D

I don't want to not look like him as I am a lover of the man & see him as a huge influence, but I thought I was finally shaking a bit of his shadow off my heels :)

Well for me I can see the influences, reminds me of his early stuff. It wasn't a dig and I loved it:).

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Oh matthew, the new site fellows are looking amazing, especially the teeth on the Links guy... and "Click my booboos" still cracks me up. Mini feedback: a couple of your pages are still called "Untitled Document". The magazine page looks just right, I really need to get off my arse and send some emails.

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Cheers and thanks to all and I'll get on that untitled malarkey later. I think with the new site I might get a better email to job ratio. Looking back, the old main page I had was a mess...and so very big on the average monitor :D

James where did you get bagged badges made? I've been looking at getting a little set done but most companies just leave them all floating in the the air which will never do.

And I also have love for the links man. The 'K' teeth are the highlight of the whole site for me :D

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