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It's been out in FP for the last couple of months. Only sold eight copies of the thirty in circulation, not that bad really considering I haven't had the money to do any marketing. Future of it sorta depends on how it sells, although if you search the isbn on amazon you can buy it through them.

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After a drunken conversation in the pub, John dared me to add a 'picture of the day' feature to our website, which I have.

I've been going well with this new year's resolution to draw something every day, and uploading things from my sketchbook to flickr, but that's not particularly work orientated. I do loads of crappy scribbles for work too (and some nice little drawings as well!), and I'm going to start posting them on the website.

So here it is - Pic Blog - a new picture every day.

There's only one picture there at the moment, and it's already been posted in this thread, but you can set your RSS feeds up etc. ready to point and laugh at me when I run out of pictures, or forget to add one.

I wonder if I can get John to draw anything?

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Remy - if I may offer some constructive criticism I think you need to pay attention to the comments earlier in the thread and look into proportion and anatomy. Try flipping your images horizontally as this might give you an indication if some of the proportions are distorted. Not that they're bad, from a design perspective they're great. I suffer frome the same problem in that I can think something I draw is completely symmetrical, in shape and proportion, but when I mirror it, I realise it's a little lop-sided and out of whack.

I think I know what you're getting at, but within the confines of the story, style and characters themselves, the proprtions are right. The guy on the left is wearing a mega baggy teesh to make his body look longer, but his body is actually extra long and snake-like anyway. The guy on the right has a hoodie that's too big for him, so that's why his body looks longer.

But to be honest, none of it is meant to be realistic.

Although, I do agree on it being slightly lop-sided.

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As mentioned in the comics thread, I got a massive folder of original art back on Saturday, from a comic / fanzine I used to publish in my younger days. Unfortunately all but one of the covers are missing, but here's the one surviving cover illustration I still have. Really proud of this one:


The actual printed version had a bit of letratone added (hah, this was all done before computers!), and the creases are the evidence of how printing this fanzine every fortnight killed the office photocopier:


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lovely, loop

Minkee what print making kit do you use again? I've been considering getting one for christmas and I need to tell le parents.

i use a gocco printer, orchid, which were only being made in japan, but have now been completely discontinued, as well as all the parts for it :lol: you can still get some in places, but it's a bit shitty :' I'm going to try and stock up on bulbs and screens right now, and hope that some of the companies that want to buy up the rights for it do, and continue making stuffs!

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