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I'll chuck this in here...no where else to put it :lol: In the middle of doing my physical portfolio and its taking bloody ages.... but its getting there, slowly but surely. [screen grabs from InDesign, hence wanky quality]

If anyone knows of any design jobs (anywhere but London) then gimme a shout. Chars.





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My new favourite art from you, ever! :unsure: Love the birds on his head and the texture of the board. Reminds me of the promo arts surrounding Katamari.

BK> awwwesome

Couk> It looks great but I still love the sketch more

idiwa> Slick!

Some random:



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Amaze Gunstar

This has probably been asked a million times before, but how do you go about creating your art? It's so amazingly unique.

Thanks a lot.

It's mostly Photoshop at the moment that I use. I just re-use my images over and over, but it only really works because they all began as pixellated MS Paint drawings, though I haven't started from a white page in MS Paint for about a year. I only started to use Photoshop so I could do stuff that's more organic. I don't use any filters that take away any of the detail, I mainly just use colour balance, brightness/contrast and curves, and occassionly motion blur, noise, sharpen. Mostly every mess-around that turns into something worthwhile seems like a fluke that most of the time only began because I was bored of looking at a picture I finished ages ago. For the one above, I rescaled the 'bleeding a busy' picture in MS Paint turning it into a load of haphazard blocks, then recoloured in Photoshop, darkened it, then used curves to bring out all the detail. I want the crisp pixellation in 8 and 16 bit games but also want to mess up the page as much as possible.

edited that one above


and did a few different versions, this is one


a bit messy but I liked the colours

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DV: That is sharp!

Gunstar: More please. Always more. Also you need to sell some prints, my other half really wanted that one with a boat going up a river between a bunch of really tall trees.

Ristar: I didn't notice those birds till Gunstar pointed them out; the sense of scale it gives your manny is really cool.

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Did this monday night as a doodle on the last bus home listening to the film podcast and finished it off on tuesday morning...

I'm not 100% happy with it but I wanted to get it done prior to the Lassiter interview in the afternoon in the vain hope he might also read out a question I wanted to ask about the parallels between Wall-E and living/coping with autism. As it was it was a pre-recorded interview and also not the best thing Mayo's ever done by a long shot. Hey ho.

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Fargal> bluuush, cheers dude ^_^

BK> one of the many qualities I love about your work is the pixellation :wub:.

minkee> I'd love to do a print or something, maybe later on the year. I'm so lazy...

emerald_fox> thank you!!

I got my computer back from repair today, so I thought I'd try colouring in some of the pencil drawings I'd done while it was gone.


It really needs a background, but I don't think I can be arsed.

Love it! looks like an animation cell. Did you hear of Udon's Darkstalkers competition? you should definitely enter it.

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