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speaking of which!

I wanted to do some helpful how to's for illustrator stuff, because it's easy when you know how, and I probably know how or can fake it. Does anyone have anything they struggle with that would be good to know about? or that they know about now but used to be a real pain, or anything else you think might be useful?

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Illustrator is the best. Loz, just stick with it and you'll get quicker at using it. The "absolute barest parts of illustrator" are basically all you'll be using most of the time, making shapes with the pen tool. Generally I only ever use clipping masks if I'm trying to add shadows or highlights to something.

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Love your new site!

Esp the 'Everything you need to know about minkee' page XD

thankyou much! ;D

the about page turned out like that only because after an hour of writing 'hello i like cake and drawing' in a variety of tedious ways, i just gave up and drew it instead. luckily, everyone seems to prefer it that way ;D

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I've had a Deviantart prints thing going for a while but I haven't uploaded anything there for ages now. I guess I could upload some newer pictures. I don't know where I'd be able to get a decent quality print of my work otherwise, the first set of prints I got done were a one off thing. Also the majority of my photoshop work is at A4/300dpi so they wouldn't be very big - I haven't done much in the way of vector work lately.

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now animate it ! that water is totally bodacious, the shadow, the pinks the stems of the lillies that i thoughht were reflections at first but clearly arent . I want to see this on the wall of the office in IT crowd next season.And on my wall.matt0 great pose , looks like an old tank police tank not that i`ve watched that for years.

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Minkee: Fantastic bunny designs, and great colour choices - so vibrant!

Lozzyboo: I like the orangey mushrooms too, although that big brown flaky/textured one is my fave :wub:

FargalEX: Great work as usual. The shadow cast onto the bottom half of the image is a nice touch

Matt0: Excellent job on the tank in particular, the chunkiness of it is perfect.



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