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congrats Matt0 I missed last issue I `ll have to grab it. amazing stuff all round , when`s the rullmuk art book coming out then?

here`s something for a con , not sure if theyre using it yet. could do with some shadows looking at it now, and maybe some kind of water texture overlay:


this is for a short comic thing i`m doing , it`s one of some ice creams on a menu :


and this is something i finished ,or last updated anyway, at christmas:


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Speaking of flat, I did this for my friends birthday. Gonna print it out A3(ish, I need to look at common frame sizes) and give it her to frame. It was done over about a month, and was the first proper piece I've done in ages, which is why it's woefully inconsistent but I'm not restarting it so it'll have to do.


Probably needs positioning tweaking a little but aside from that it's done.

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Awesome, well done! I usually hate most of the work I see in ImagineFX (not a fan of fantasy art myself) but this is quite the exception!

Cheers folks!

First time I've seen my work in print, was a bit wierd seeing there.

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I'm with Moose on the flatness issue, the look of it just screams "photoshop" at me - not necessarily flat because of the composition but the colours seem too primary and there's no contrast between lighting/shadows, just really smooth blends between lighter and darker areas. The ice cream sandwich one looks lovely and vibrant though.

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