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Doodled this at Guilfest during the Athlete set (they weren't that bad, just an idea that took over my bonce). Love Brushes. Ace App.


how do you do such amazing things with brushes? I can barely make a squiggle?

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Love the Heroes pic +1.

how do you do such amazing things with brushes? I can barely make a squiggle?

Um, small brush, low opacity, draw vague outlines then low opacity colour with slightly larger brush blocking it in then outline then colour all the way through to some sort of finish. Animated version of the Guilfest image here:

Also did this on the bus last night 'cos I was in a misery for various reasons.


Ironically one of my youth groupers who I took to Guilfest has now gone down with swine flu and two others she was sharing a tent with have gone on holiday to Spain and Canada so I'm hoping it ain't going to turn into a less liked image for me. And I have a really painful neck which I had put down to sleeping badly last night and hope it isn't linked.

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Thanks guys, hit a bit of a purple patch recently, keep getting idea after idea! Been getting tons of inspiration from 80s action movies, the Beautiful Losers book and this

Never thought of it on a shirt but now you've said it Couk, I might do it again on white and see if I can make it happen.

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As Couk said, the raddest skater needs to be on a t-shirt. I would pay many monies for such an item.

My friend Dan drew this at work a few weeks ago and I only just found it in my bag:


Makes me laugh every time I look at it.

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I haven't browsed these pages for a month or so. The amount of cool shit you dudes can produce in such a small time frame is insane. Pretty much everything back the last 6 pages is wonderful. Love that Richter one, larrydavid. :omg:

One thing, I can't see that 'melting' pic you posted, Gunstar. You couldn't rehost it by any chance? Cheers man. Your work is cracking.

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