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I'm going to be hosting a paintchat today from about 2pm onwards. If anyone fancies joining, put your name down and I'll PM you the url for it.

Just to clarify - Paintchat is a java application that runs in your browser and is like multiplayer photoshop, with a simpler toolset. There's also a chat bar down the bottom.



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actually i'm going to be busy at about 2 but if you're still going later i will check in and take a look. i will have to get it all working again though :( tell me that thing i need to get variable pressure again too plixxxxxxxxxxx.

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That's lovely - one thing that looks off to me though is the umbrella, I think it's at the wrong angle given how he's holding it. Unless it's being bent backwards?

No, you're right! For bonus points you could've mentioned the perspective on the floor :(

I never notice these things till I've posted something around :(

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Lovely stuff all over as ever.

Been sick the past few days so picked up Brushes and started to run with it. It's loads of fun, hardly deep (there's only one tool, one layer etc) but robust enough to enjoy playing with a lot and once you get the screen interface it's pretty nippy. Anyhow here are my most recent efforts.





The other nice thing about it is that you can download the file onto your mac from the iPod touch and play the entire sequence of drawing it as a movie file. Which is pretty amazing for a 100k or so file. Anyhow one of those

if'n you're interested.
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Pennypacker! Really like that airplane one Varnsen!

Vandelay! thanks very much! I really enjoyed doodling away, no pencils, risky ink and doing a silly drawing like I used to when I was like 12 years old. Great fun.

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Never posted in here before. Never really done a lot of illustration. Just finished this job for a client though so I thought it'd cool to drop it in here.

It's a series of 6 bookmarks that go toether to make a picture. Of course I now see loads of faults with the characters ;)


I'd be interested in some collab. I'm quite proficient in Illustrator so I'd be up for maybe vectoring up someone's sketch?

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