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Ladies, Gentlemen and Children Of All Ages, witness for a short time only the colossal Titan Of The Deep brought to the surface from the sunken ruins of R'lyeh by the intrepid E.B. Golding and the crew of his deep sea craft the Golding Bathosphere. Also on display, several queer bas reliefs dileneating strange octopoid forms and glyphs brought back from R'lyeh, a facinating glimpse into this pre-historic civilization.

ALSO BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: A.Z. Farnholme's eerie series of engravings from the fabled Plataeu of Leng.

ADDENDUM: Due to events beyond our control the mummified remains of Z'chak Cthnh Thagn, Sumerian Emperor from 1000BC are not currently on view to the public.

ADDENDUM 2: The curators would like to beseech the general public's aid in the location of several artifacts recently stolen from the museum. A sacrificial dagger and ceremonial urn purportedly retrieved from the apocryphal "Lost City" by Abdn Al-Alzahered in 1834 and a leather bound copy of the Pnakoptic Manuscripts (one of only 8 known extant copies) were forcibly taken from our collection this August 19th. A handsome reward of £20 is on offer to anyone who can provide information leading to their safe return.

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@Minkee: LOVE it :hat: What put fish and octopi in your mind :omg:

I'm an iFanboyfan(boy) so this image kind of fell onto the iPod as a result. I either need to get a stylus or a iPad (release it dammit!) because Brushes is giving me RSI but I love playing with it sooo much.


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