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Some seriously cool stuff in here, people. Love the design of that suit, Fargal. And cleandemon, man, that's sick! And them robots are so adorable, c-cat. Love their little faces. That piece of yours, couk, it looks pretty big. Did it take a considerable amount of time? It's really nice. Kloid, that pic is wicked! I fucking love MS Paint pictures. Loadsa charm there. Oh and cheers for the kind comments, minkee. I needed something like this to just keep me going. It's working out so far. :(

SuperNashwan, that's pretty dope, dude. I really need to sit down and figure out what the fuck I'm doing with all this digital stuff myself. Got my wacom in, but it doesn't feel that different from using a mouse. Saying that I've not give it proper playtime yet. Atm I'm just churning out quick sketches without much thought or technical know-how. I'm sure my short attention span doesn't help matters either.

Anyway, a few more daily drawings:



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so long as it doesn't have a battery in the pen you're okay, i suppose. that said i've only ever really used wacom, they've always been wonderful.

size really doesn't matter for these - i used an a6 wacom for 10 years and it was brilliant.

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Some WHSmiths have the Bamboo funs for cheap. May be worth looking.

I've used the Trusts and they're OK, but the difference between them and Wacom's is pretty pronounced. The Trust one felt cheap but worked well, the problem was I was going the wrong way - from a Wacom to a Trust and not vice versa.

I've got one of the new Wacoms, the Pen and Touch, and personally I wouldn't suggest going for it. The touch side is a gimmick and doesn't work that well. I tend to turn it off straight away. The pad itself is as lovely as ever though.

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Kamatari, try to use as few points as possible in the curves - also see if you can read up on clipping masks as you may find them useful for doing shadows/highlights.

Some recent things -




Ill have a look into that, Cheers!

And very niice work :quote:

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