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I almost don't want o add to the page to ruin it - maybe I'll be lucky and this'll start off a new one we'll see.

Two Brushes pics done in uber speed mode. I may come back to them but thinking about it I may not. I kind of like them as they are but it makes me with the Brushes viewer came with a timer :lol: Anyhow I was out with my dad and he said that he didn't believe I did drawings on my iPod. Five minutes later (and he did the whole 'are we there yet' thing throughout minute 3+) I handed the beer pic over and he said 'yeah that's alright.' Which is high praise really bearing in mind the messenger.

Day after I was sitting with family and niece wanted to do a collaborative pic so she did most of the outline and I did the colours.

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Also: doodled this today while sitting in an exam. (I was in charge of the brats so not disregarding my responsibilities...)


What a co-incidence! I did a Doctor too! (Who.)


Not finished yet, he still needs a dickie bow. Also, can anyone give me some advice on the top of his hair; it still doesn't look right to me.

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Loooooooooong way to go, just trying to nail the light and shadow first (and even that is a million miles away), but I bit the bullet tonight and snagged myself a new Intuos 4 Medium for £250 so as soon as that arrives I'll get back on it.


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Hello. I've not been doing too much 2D of late to show but wanted to say there's some great work going on.

And sir Farg I'm not on msn almost at all anymore but please hit me with an email or something. I'd really like to catch up and hear how things are going, and that goes for anyone anyone else :wub:

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