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mr pranny listen to that man, he knows what he's talking about. especially as it's all stuff i wish i did but i don't due to lazy, or something.

I think I'm going to hate this come tomorrow, but it had to get finished, so here it is anyway:


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Acylics. I slap them on thick.


What happened to the beard collector? I was trembling in terrified anticipation of a full comic...

Love the style. Does it have a title?

Beard Collector will continue, probably later this month. I'm trying to get a book together, just full of little doodles and what not. Making it all myself so it'll prolly look really shoddy... >_<

Once that's outta the way I might do another book, but full of beard collecting mayhem.

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Thanks Fargal , I`ll try out some moony and bright stuff stuff for sure. I have tried to browse Pixiv before but you have to be logged in i`ve found. Help ! And yeah , that background is totally boshed on. I`ll eventually add a background, i do need to start planning both together :facepalm: . C- catt, i will add the light to the hair totally missed that yo.

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Been trying to generally get back into my artistic ways, these days it's just boring web and print design at work and that's not even my main part of my job. So anyway randomly a colleague was running a workshop for kids and they were doing lino prints and so she got me to do a self portrait:

Thing is she hasn't actually printed it for real yet because she sucks, but here's the mockup of what it'll look like, because photoshop and a camera are awesome:



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That's genuinely terrifying.


I just need to point this out, so you don't all think I've lost my groove, like Stella: This guy makes the models, and then he gives em out to artists to paint. It was super hard to do because the model was so fucking extreme, that it was difficult to do anything subdued, or standalone. It basically had no choice but to fit to that existing design.

Which was a source of sadness to me, as I wanted to paint it like a koi carp but when I had finished it just looked like some fucking insane hideous pond dwelling abomination spat forth from Hell's own vagina.

So I just painted it green instead LOL.

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