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Just finished up with this 8" custom. It's theme is poison. I'm really really pleased with how my skills are improving and I think I've made a really good job of it.

THis is the last thing I'm doing custom-wise for a while, because I'm now about to try out resin casting and make my own figures. Really excited about that, been making the original sculpt for a couple of days and its looking cool. Hope it comes out ok.

This is Toxic Lammi anyway, enjoy:





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It's been a HELL of a year, both good and bad. BUt through a war of attrition with a room designed by a committee of non-teachers, up and down tech and more we've managed to do art events at the Barbican, the Royal Academy, MCM Comics Expo and the Gadget Show. Now it's time to chill and show off the work. Don't know if anyone's near Guildford but pop in and say hi if you fancy :) Set it up yesterday and it's my favourite exhib of students work in the past ten years of doing this crazy gig.

(now let's play spot the knackered teachers typos :) )

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Just saw this!

Sorry for the late reply, I just graduated yesterday (yes!) so had a bit of a busy time leading up to that.

To answer your question, yes, shipping to Japan should not be a problem. I am currently in the process of sorting the images for the website which should be up within a day or two.

I take it you are a Kurosawa fan? :D

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I am and I'm also a fan of those prints. They're absolutely lovely

Thanks bobontheway! So sorry about the late reply, we took our degree show to London and I am still there so did not have much chance to get online from a computer.

Image heavy post :twisted:

So I've just graduated :omg: ! Degree show photos below:




For the last term of my fourth year I did something I've always wanted to do. A series of screen printed posters of great films that I love. I started earlier in the year with Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, a Sergei Parajanov film. Its a 1965 production and is utterly freakin' gorgeous. This poster is a four-colour screen print:



Then it was Fear Eats the Soul, a Rainer Werner Fassbinder film. This one took ages to finish and I went back and fourth on different iterations. This is a four-colour screen print:



Then as I was going through the list of film I had, I just thought it would work out a lot better if all the films were by the same director, so the series would be a bit more cohesive. And as I have written about visual narrative of postwar Japan for my dissertation and watched many Kurosawa films as 'research', it was only natural I to choose him for my poster series. That was probably the most enjoyable project of my university career, the man directed my favourite film of all time and almost everything he touched was gold. I started with Yojimbo, this is a five-colour screen print:



Then it was Rashomon, a three-colour screen print:




Ran, this was done as a CMYK, four-colour screen print.


Ikiru, a two-colour screen print:



And I am working on Seven Samurai just now, which I designed and printed in a rush for assessment, I want to spend a little more time on it.

I also did some dance drawing:




Website is still a work in progress:


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We haven't really got an animation thread and this is based on a lovely concept piece by Derek Brand for Double Fine's "Massive Chalice". (I'm putting it everywhere and pointing out also that it hasn't been sanctioned by them in any way!)

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New apps playtime (Procreate 1.8 update this time. Like loads - it's a hugely powerful app - but I find some parts niggling and grating. The brush edit engine is all sorts of fabulous though... Very much lik Pixelmators which is nuts bearing in mind it's running on a tablet and so smooooth...)


and Styli drawn in DrawQuest which I like LOADS :) Massive fun and lovely community.


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Haha I am the thread killer.

That said: no idea how arduous the sign in process is, but if anyone would be so kind as to star this pic I'd be muchos obliged:


(It's the full pic of this:


which is for a Nokia/Didlr collab/ I think it looks like highest starred pics stay on the front page more. Possibly. Haven't work out why mine takes a couple of refreshes to get to but it'd be nice if it didn't)

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FINALLY got some time in my studio. I was feeling really guilty about not going in for so long, but I've spent most of this weekend thus far in there and got some work done. The blue guy one is actually old but I don't know if I like it. The red flare one was the product of this weekend, which I'm fairly happy with.

Well put it this way I don't feel like I wasted my weekend. Got my first open studios coming up in September (hey feel free to come along if you guys want I'll give you a beer) so feels good that there might be something for people to actually look at by that time.



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Bought some acrylic inks to play around with.



Whilst I'm here actually, does anyone have any experience with creating prints of your work on an inkjet printer at home? I'd like to make affordable prints so I'm toying with the idea, but trying to figure out all my options before throwing down money.

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