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I need help

My work have introduced the wacky idea that to bond the team we should have to obtain a drawing of a nominated person in the office. My drawing skills are proper rubbish....I mean really bad....really really bad. Is there any chance that some kind soul would take pity and do a sketch of the person.

I can provide a photo

I appreciate this is a bit cheeky - but I do not want to offend her with how shit my drawing will be - I will probably end up in front of HR for being offensive or their concern my scribbles show signs of madness

Not looking to get a masterpiece even a quick light sketch would be great - style would be your choice.

I may be able to offer a small reward but not looking to commission a full piece

Drop me a PM if you are happy to help

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Why dont you have a go first? Then post up the results.

It is a fair point - but if I did I would get banned for life.....I do plan to do my own attempt which obviously would mean more as done by me and represents my view of her but then after the tears had stopped show her a better picture done by someone with talent.

The picture will be displayed in our office for time immemorial for when external and internal people to see when they come through the door. I don't want her to be tarnished as the woman who's drawing looks like the below


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Honestly blown away by the talent in this thread everytime I come on here some amazing stuff guys really puts me to shame!

Looking to get a tablet to do some doodles on. What experiences have you guys had? What do you prefer using/recommend? My first thought is an iPad but that's coz I own a lot of Apple stuff so its first thought.

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I dunno about touchscreens, though the stuff I've seen here suggests they're very good in terms of both hardware and apps, but I will say that you can likely pick up an older model intuos for a few quid and still get very good results.

The differences between tablets seems to be like photoshop releases. A bit more sensitive, a few interface niceties, but nothing really groundbreaking that gives a fundamentally better experience. Tbh the biggest selling point I can find on the newer models is the option to go wireless......that's about it. Also the vinyl covers are a bit slicker which seems to be a bit marmite.

Depends what you wanna spend though really.

Oh, though if you've been using touchscreens you might take a few goes to get used to the proprioceptive dissonance that comes from not looking anywhere near your hand when drawing. That feels a bit funny at first.


Oh, hang on, you mean a tablet tablet rather than a graphics tablet dont you?

Well just disregard everything I just said then. :facepalm:

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Depends on what you want to spend. The old Hudl is surprisingly good, dead cheap and runs apps like Sketchbook, ArtRage, Dilr, Photoshop surprisingly well. Also works beautifully with most styli.

The Hudl 2 is quicker, better, works with almost no styli.

The IPad is the daddy and I do like it a lot but I find it the least interesting to use. That said I'm dead spoilt. It works with the most styli and has the widest range of apps that said. But you do pay for it.

The Surface 2 Pro is very good. As is the Surface 3. I prefer the 3.

The Nexus 9 is great. Has a lovely screen. Android us lagging app wise but with artrage now released I hope it's on the up.

The integration of the SPen to the Galaxy Notes is fab. But again it's the Android issue anD personally I don't like the Samsung os skin.

personally the stylus makes a tablet for me and that's a longer post than I can do on a phone. So basically:

£100? Hudl, ArtRage, Fodor, Photoshop, Sketchbook, Dagi and Maglus brush stylus.

175? Hudl 2, Maglus brush, Dagi, Artrage.

250? IPad mini 2, jot script, Nomad brush.

400? IPad Air 1, Procreate, Artrage, Paper, Jot script, Maglus brush.

More? Air 2 or if you need a computer a Surface Pro.

Grr at auticorrect. Fodor should be Didlr. More corrections to come I suspect.

Also you can get slightly older ipads for cheap On the forum Which would prob be worth it if you're unsure. The IPad Is the logical choicE and it might be the amount I've used them that makes me a bit bored of them now.

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Lol, very topical. :D

Last couple of things I've been working on - between passage of time and loads of thumbnails and little studies, I get the feeling I'm forgetting stuff.

Probably should set up an online account to keep this stuff organised. Also for the sake of data backup, if I'm being sensible.



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Well. This month has been fun.

This was the culmination:

Teaching Charlie Adlard and Bill Sienkiewicz how to use ArtRage on IWB?? Sqwee.

I now have a piece of art from both on a men stick in my pocket. How cool is that.

Bill Sienkiewicz!!!

Color me jealous.

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It was awesome. Sorry for jealousy :) he was an absolute gentleman and Adlard was an utter superstar.

Knowing I have a Sienkiewicz in my pocket that no one else has is an odd, lovely feeling.

I wish and could have gone , it would have been nice to see another creative Rllmuk:).

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Anyone have tips on getting Photoshop CC to work as smoothly as CS5.5 (which ... expired) . Alternatively where to buy 5.5 for cheap.

Trying to open fairly large ,5000x7000 ish many layer, files is laggy as hell as well as taking up to 5 minutes to load!!Which before took a fraction of that, barely even hanging on the progress bar. I feel like I've tried everything but upgrading to windows 8.1 from win 7. I hate you Adobe.

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Think I'm done with these for a bit while I get some sketching done.

I've grabbed a 30 day trial of Corel Painter and wasted the first week so I should get my moneys worth. Well, not money, it's free, but y'know.


Oh man, the line quality is fantastic, and I like that you can recalibrate sensitivity on the fly. Not sure if it still includes the driver settings or if it replaces them though. One thing I'm less keen on is the lack of history manager, as one of the things I do is fiddle with stuff and then flick back and forth by about 20 undo states, just to see how it looks. I can do similar stuff with layers though. I also like that you can scroll way beyond the edges of the canvas, to avoid those annoying instances where you try to paint near an edge and end up dragging the entire window across the screen.

All little quirks really, but it seems like a great companion app just for the line quality and impasto painting. Once I have money, anyway, whenever that fucking is.

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