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What the hell are you talking about? I don't even know who Rian Hughes is..

Please, stop trolling.

Firstly, I don't troll. It was a response to your earlier remarks, unless that was trolling. If it was then we are both guilty of it.

Secondly, I find it hard to believe you know of Pete Fowler, but not Rian Hughes - given the startling resemblance to said piece. No matter, here's a link for you.


My previous post wasn't meant to cause offense, as stated before it was a reply to an earlier post from you. It was also an observation. I thought this forum was for commenting on work people submit - good or bad.

I've said nothing you wouldn't hear if you took those 2 pieces to a prospective employer, interview etc.

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I know Pete Fowler (personally, we were in 'nam together. This is a lie) but not Rian Hughes either.

In other news, I think I somehow blagged a free Tim Biskup "Helper" by ordering it off a site but not clicking the paypal button after changing my mind... my mum called and said i had a package waiting, how fun!

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This is a painting for one of my 1st year project at uni.

Quite happy with it, although it looks too light from this photo (guess who shouldn't have used flash).

It was also my first real attempt at a canvas painting (one very small piece before), so had a bumpy ride to start off with.


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I made this last night:


On my Powerbook it looked better than this uni PC. The colours are over saturated and too damn pink, but hey, at least it looks good at home B)

The dude sippin 'yac is supposed to be me.


nice cal :(

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Thankyou kind sir. Yup it be me.

at least you're talented at something then! :ph34r: </halo2 diss>

i need to start doodling once more, it's been at least 2/3 years since i last produced anything and i require stuff for the new house i'm moving into.

next time i'm down in cov we'll hook up and piss about matey.

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