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Puzzle Games!

El Pibe

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Krusty's Fun House ( Master System version ) addicted me when I was little. Its actually quite an annoying game when I look back to it, but trying to figure out how to get all the mice to the exit wasted many many months of my life.

Puggsy on the Mega Drive was hard to figure out at times.

The Ecco series is always brain-tearingly puzzling.

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Tetris (GB) - Never really got along with the DX version, it was too easy and the colour schemes weren't great. The original, in black and white on the GBA with the traditional music is almost unbeatable in portable gaming.

The New Tetris (N64) - Improved upon the original in every way, had hypnotic background music and even some educational extras to unlock. DS version please Nintendo.

ChuChu Rocket (GBA) - Suffers a little from the lack of buttons on the GBA but the 2000+ puzzles and cheap price make it a must have.

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Had my DS for a week and ive already got (or on the way) 3 puzzle games (4 if you can count Yoshis Touch and Go...im really really excited about Meteos, my copy should arrive early next week and I cant wait. Still ive got Polarium and Mr Driller Drill Spirits to keep me going till then.

I never owned an original Gameboy so I bypassed Tetris somewhat (as much as thats possible), what really got me into them (other than Lemmings) was Mr Driller on Dreamcast, I couldnt and still cant stop playing that game, sheer excellence. Since then ive played a few, highlights being Chu Chu Rocket, Puyo Pop Fever, Kurukuru kururin, Denki Blocks (which im looking for a GBA copy of) among others...

...I guess my most treasured puzzle game at the moment though is Mr Driller Drill Land, despite the saving issues its probably my best import buy...I really do love Mr Driller games...

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Denki Blocks (which im looking for a GBA copy of) among others...

It's obviously a bit harder to get a hold of it nowdays sadly, since Rage went tits up. However there are a few very cheap copies of it on eBay at the moment... although most of the GBA games on eBay are pirates, I doubt anyone went to the trouble of making a counterfeit version of poor ol' Denki Blocks, it's not well known enough :unsure: There are also a few copies on Amazon Marketplace.

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- Tetris (Gameboy) My favourite game of all time. A true family game, too, with my mom beating all of our scores by ridiculous margins.

- Columns (Mega Drive) My family used to play two player games daily.

- Sega Swirl (Dreamcast) Yet another family favourite, as it's so deceptively simple.

- Bombastic (PlayStation 2) I adore everything about this game, from the presentation to the large number of game types. Heart-stoppingly fun when it gets going.

- Lemmings (Mega Drive) Such a superb concept. I did used to shout at the little bastards alot, though.

- Chu Chu Rocket (Dreamcast) Similar to Lemmings in a way, but fiendishly difficult (for me, at least).

Need to play more

- Aqua Aqua: Wetrix 2 (PlayStation 2)

- Zoocube (Gamecube)

- Mr Driller (Dreamcast)

- Puyo Pop (Dreamcast)

Looking forward to (as i'm a poor bastard)

- Catch! Touch! Yoshi (DS)

- Lumines (PSP)

- Mercury (PSP)

- Meteos (DS)

- Zoo Keeper (DS)

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I'm also a huge fan of Mr Driller 2 & Mr Driller Ace. They're the sort of games you can play for 5 minutes or 2 hours & perfectly suited to the GBA. I also quite enjoy Kula World & No-One Can Stop Mr Domino. The Sticky Balls PC demo from a few years ago was also a huge favourite of mine. Even my Dad loved playing that game.

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When we lived in a house share it was

Sega Swirl

Chu Chu Rocket

Bust-a-move 4

I seem to remember Push Over getting really top reviews back in the Amiga days, didn't PC Power give it 100%; of course that could have been because of lemmings starting a puzzle fad.

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I really enjoyed Puzzle Bobble and PB2 in the arcades, but to be honest I've never found any/ of the home conversions to be that good.

Quite true. The only real way to play is the Puzzle Bobble arcade ROM in NeoRageX with scanlines and everything.

Ended up playing this a lot on a mates laptop last week in the mountains. Bliss.

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