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Baywatch - The Movie


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WTF? Is this for real?

Spielberg's Baywatch
BANG Showbiz
22nd March 2005
Steven Spielberg is set to direct the new 'Baywatch' movie. The legendary film-maker has bought the movie rights to the hugely popular US TV series - which starred David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. According to reports, Spielberg, who is responsible for such classic films as 'E.T' and 'Jurassic Park', plans to start shooting early next year although it is not yet known whether any of the original cast members will appear. Rumours were rife last year the show was to be made into a movie by Spielberg's production company, DreamWorks, but this is the first time the veteran director has been confirmed to be involved. 'Baywatch' launched in 1989 and became an international hit in more than 140 countries worldwide. But despite the success, many of the show's stars have battled with difficulties in their personal lives. Last year, Hasselhoff - who has already spent time in rehab fighting alcoholism - was sentenced to three years self-supervised probation after being caught drink-driving. Pamela - who played lifeguard CJ Parker - has been diagnosed with hepatitis C and endured a tumultuous marriage to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and a string of failed relationships.

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Take Two. Sort of. They're playing themselves, or a version of themselves who may have been CIA spies, with Baywatch being a cover.

It's named The B-Team, because they can't use Baywatch for legal reasons. Any mention of Baywatch in the movie will be covered up by comedy events which cover the sound of the word. Hilarious, I'm sure.

Make it stop.

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The "you people" bit was done, and much better, in Tropic Thunder. Not saying no film can ever make that same joke, but it's pretty well known and relatively recent. Trailer looks fun though, I'll watch anything with Dwayne in.

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