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Meteos Challenge Scores

The Liberal Elite

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I've been too busy trying to unlock all planets, but I'm going to have to buckle down and beat some of these..

BTW, you know some times it says 'Congratulations!' at the end of a round - what does that refer to? And does anyone have translations for all the missions? the ones with numbers in them I can work out, but the others... :|

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Duncan, you spaz, when you start a high score thread it's your responsibility to contruct and maintain a table.

Anyway, some of the numbers are tough - like get 50 of one type of mineral, which you need to read kanji to understand. Though the kanji for each mineral is apparently in the manual. It'll appear on gameFAQs soon enough, I reckon.

As for the Congratulations! - are you talking about the milestons? Like the first time you clear 100 blocks in less than 10 seconds? I don't know if there's benefits, I think it might just be the game saying "you are quite good at this section, but you still suck at everything else."

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