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Gah, don't start me.

Leela and Turlough were about as good as companions got.

Too right.

I really enjoyed it. After the shite 5 minute thing they showed on Parkinson last week I feared the worst but it seemed to combine the best (ridiculous) bits of the Baker & McCoy eras.

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I enjoyed it. Had no want to watch it, thought it was gonna be shit and couldn't believe all these non-Dr Who fans were creaming their pants about it, then, I found my girlfriend had taped it while we were out. :(

Sat down at around 10ish on saturday and was thoroughly entertained for 45mins.

To everyone saying the effects were crap and the acting was camp......shut up its meant to be.....its Doctor-goddamn-Who!!!!

I will be watching next week......god I didn't think I'd be saying that!

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Don't know if this has been asked yet, but is this the first Dr Who where we don't see a transformation from old to new Dr's?

Yep - the official Russell T Davies reason is that he didn't want to confuse the new viewer by introducing a hero and then have change into someone else immediately. A fair point but also they'd have to have made the decision to hire Paul McGann (at a hefty fee presumably) thereby acknowledging his Doctor as part of the canon.

With McGann being the George Lazonby of the franchise it would have been a bit odd (in my opinion) giving his doctor credence. if they'd gone with Sylvester McCoy though it would have messed up continuity. So they ditched the regeneration altogether. Wise move.

edit: ooh - didn't know about Troughton/Pertwee

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