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SEGA Announces The Tower SP

Press release supplied by Games Press 08:15 16/12/2005

SAN FRANCISCO (December 15, 2005) – SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that it will publish The Tower SPTM exclusively for the Nintendo Game Boy® Advance. Developed by Vivarium, The Tower SP will challenge Game Boy Advance players with an entirely new gaming experience for a portable system.

The Tower SP is an in-depth sim experience that allows the player to design, build, and manage every aspect of successfully creating a skyscraper. Players will decide where to place apartments, hotel rooms, office spaces, restaurants, commercial shops, elevators, and a multitude of other construction items in their building. As the tower grows, players will have to deal with a multitude of real life situations such as fires, insect infestations, burglaries, and of course the occasional unhappy tenant. Only with savvy design and wise management skills will the player's tower attract masses of patrons and tenants.

"The Tower SP delivers a simulation-style gameplay that will be refreshing to Nintendo Game Boy Advance fans," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "This game will not only challenge players' imaginations to build the coolest towers possible, but develop their management skills as well. SEGA has always delivered innovative titles that challenge gamers in new ways; The Tower SP is another feather in Sega's hat of innovation."

The main goal in The Tower SP is to achieve a "Five Star" building rating and gain official "Tower" status. This can only be achieved by completing specific objectives and creating a building that is a marvel of both efficiency and design. Happy tenants play a large roll in the building's success. A large tenant base insures income to the building, but it is imperative that the building management keep its tenants happy. Unhappy tenants will vacate their offices, apartments, and hotel rooms, thus affecting the player's bottom line and the building's "Star" rating.

The Tower SP ships to retailers in March 2006. For screenshots and artwork, please visit the SEGA FTP site at: http://segapr.segaamerica.com.

Key Product Features:

# Countless ways to build your tower! Do you want a low-budget building with affordable living, or a condo-filled skyscraper? You decide!

# Stress-free living. Your every decision affects tenant satisfaction level! Lines at elevators, sauna availability, rental costs and restroom placement - lower stress within the community means more money in your pocket.

# Real life events. A fire breaks out, thieves are everywhere, and cockroaches just won't die – prevent and control life's unexpected occurrences!

# Apartments, condos or offices? Decide on rent prices for apartments, suites, condos and offices. Don't forget to include the cleaning rooms, hotel facilities and housekeeping to keep those pests away!

# Numerous other features! Create fast food and retail shops, movie theaters, elevators and even saunas to increase tenant population and profits while overseeing financial reports to monitor expenses and make decisions.

.::: So there. (This'll be perfect for my Micro.)

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There is a really good detailed review on Deeko.com. And you can get it for £12.01 delivered from VGP. I really must stop buying games, I've bought far too many this month.

Dammit, I've just ordered a copy from Ebay. Should have checked VG+ first.

How long would standard international delivery to the UK take?

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This is a great, charming little game. I've been playing it all week on my Micro, nothing else has got a look in. Since the aim is to grow your tower to 2000 people and put a cathedral on top, allowing a wedding to take place, there's a definite end point to it though. After I've clocked it I might check out SimCity 2000 on the GBA.

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