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Demolition Man


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16 minutes ago, JohnC said:

It’s also on both Netflix and Prime. Watched it in one of those recently. 


DONT watch it on prime though, for some reason its a weirdly cropped 16:9 aspect ratio!?! it should be 2.35:1 like on netflix

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I am old, it has very few advantages... here is one


I saw this at the cinema in UK on release - it was Taco Bell


I have never seen the Pizza hut version


End of old man communique.


EDIT - anyone who remembers seeing the Pizza hut version at the cinema - maybe they shipped some filthy EU foreign prints in as we recognised the brilliance of the film and needed more prints. The official UK prints were definitley Taco Bell

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I watched it again last night with my GF, who'd never seen it before. She enjoyed it a lot.


Is Zachary Lamb the pilot of the helicopter in the opening sequence? I never noticed that until last night.


Whatever happened to Marco Brambilla? This seemed like a critical and commercial success, but I can't recall anything he's done since.

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