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Peter Jackson Falls Asleep On Kong Set


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I'd say he definitely looks healthier.

Definitely, you can also barely recognise him. I had to check around before I actually accepted it was him in that diary piece, I mean with Singer and Darabont brought in I thought the whole thing could just be a mock up, but no, it is him :)

I am off to eat Muesli and Yoghurt ;)

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im sorry but what the fuck was that all about? Who were those two guys?

And yes... i was like - eh i thought this was being made by peter jackon.

Bryan [XMEN] Singer and Frank [sHAWSHANK REDEMPTION] Darabont.

It was a pisstake video-diary by Jackson about the amount of time he invests in his movies.

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Ooh, I've eaten that for breakfast in the past, little drizzle of honey as well - very nice. But does that mean he's been eating it morning, noon and night though? Surely not the most balanced of diets...

I dunno. Whatever he does, it seems to work though.

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Look who's being cynical  :P

Yo, for sure, but seriously man I found this kind of thing so annoying.

Watching all these fat fucks stress over calories and GI indexes etc etc, just eat less fat you obese shits!

PJ: ''My incredible slimming secret is that instead of eating a fucking great plate of chips or a greasy fucking burger (with six slices of cheese, for fucks sake!), I had some BLOODY CEREAL!''

Fat readers: ''WOW!''

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