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Your Ds Adventure Game [idea]

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I awoke this morning, remembering how I'd had to give up playing Zookeeper last night because the Tokotron mode was taking forever, and I was really tired. Classic FM was on...

I then, for some reason, imagined a DS game where by you had to knock on a door, waving the stylus back and forth at different speeds to knock at different strengths to create different sounding knocks. I really don't know why this popped into my head.

Perhaps this would suit an adventure game...perhaps you could drag the player around...no wait that wouldn't work...ok how about you move their limbs...

Then, of course, I thought of Rag Doll Kung Fu. Already been there apparently! [A Ds version would be nice though, obviously].

But THEN I considered something which is perhaps not as entirely inclusive as people would like, but hey it would work for me...Dpad to move, Stylus to interact/other. Yes, those who hold the stylus left handed wouldn't be as happy, but hey you've put up with "wrong way round control pads" for years, and it would work for me :wub:

So, it's like your basic Keyboard and Mouse set up...except that the stylus can be used just that little bit faster/is a little bit more flexible.

So - adventure game...ok I then conceded perhaps this would work better with just the stylus. BUT...how about a game which included combat? Where by you move your character around the screen, and use the stylus to strike? Or as above, knock on doors/interact with objects etc, etc.

Or even your basic Ninja/sword action with the stylus used? Quite a few possibilities here...even for non violent interactive games (wireless im thinking of), perhaps even co-op games/rpgs.

Imagine having to build a tower of boxes with a friend, where one has to steady the pile while you add a box. Then switch roles.

Or a fishing sub game in your animal crossing type game...instead of just reeling the really really big/rare fish in, you'd need a friend to use his landing net to aid you, as the beast can't be landed without it. Of course, then who gets to keep the fish!

Ok so perhaps these things can be used without a stylus, but wouldn't it be quite an intuitive system? I guess it depends how much hand cramp you'd get?!

I picked up my DS, sat it on my lap, and attempted to use the Dpad and Stylus. So it was all in my mind, but it seemed to work. I could imagine moving around, slapping people and intercepting missiles with skillful blocking techniques etc, etc.

I imagine someone is already making summat like this to be honest, but I think it's nice to share your ideas.

I just now want the Touch screen to be a lot bigger :lol:

(apologies for the random ramblings, tis nice to discuss ideas)

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they could do a thunderbirds game where you moved about by controlling the strings!

or nintendogs.. but where you were the dog :S Like the game starts and you dont know what you are, where anything is or how to do anything and gradually learn things by experimenting.. Like discovering you need food and then going to your food bowl.. having a shit. Stuff like that.

or even like that but you start as a single cell creature and gradually evolve and what you do what you eat etc.. decides how your avatar develops ..

okay i need to stop typing :wub:

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Awesome. My "idea" is Touch Crisis, based on the Namco lightgun games, and inspired by the Bulls level in Project Rub.

Perhaps it would be too easy to complete, but would be a lot of fun IMO.

Or... they could just use Point Blank DS, the name is already setup for the game.

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