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What Are You Playing?


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Mario 64 DS. It is so much better using the D-Pad compared to the touch screen methods.

Paper Mario GC sometimes. I'm on Chapter 3 and finding it pretty dull at the moment.

And at random intervals DKC2, GT4 and Advance Wars 2.

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Bizarrely I'm currently completely addicted to Final Fantasy X. I've tried it several times in the past and just got fed up - it never clicked with me. In fact I've seen pretty much all the major parts of the game round at various friends' houses. Yet now I find myself playing it every night and loving it.

I put it down to my increasing anticipation for XII, either that or further evidence of my descent into madness.

Apart from that I'm playing WoW - though I've hit the wall of apathy with that one I think.

Started playing Radiant Silvergun again, complete with the crushing lack of skill that comes from not touching it for a few months.

Still in various stages of FF Tactics, Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, Katamari Damacy, and Front Mission 3.

Meteos is filling the handheld gap quite nicely.

Seriously considering having a major clearout.

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I like these types of posts and having a nosey at what other peaople are playing. I've often bought games from these types of posts on spec and they've turned out to be diamonds. My list:

Jade Empire

Tales of Symphonia

Super Mario 64 DS

Co-Op Multiplayer SC:CT

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I'm playing Tales of Symphonia atm.. Just started yesterday, and I have 18 hours of playtime :)

And I'm about half-way on Resi 4, playing with a friend, so I'm waiting for him to come back from vacation.

Other than that, the NDS is getting some action with polarium and mario 64.

Also a started, but never finished , game of Hitman 2 is waiting for gamecube time.

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Not playing anything despite having a load of unfinished games lying around.

Xenosaga II - Just don't have the time or inclination.

Devil May Cry 3 - Meh...

GTA:SA - Put some serious hours into this and it just never seemed to end..

Viewtiful Joe 2 - Can't be arsed.

Wipeout Pure - And now the same tracks again...faster.

VF:Evolution - The prospect of becoming any good at this at the expense of my career and life fills me with dread.

The last game that really did it for me was Resi 4. It was also the first game that got me going for about a year.

Bangaioh still get the occasional blast though and Ridge Racers gets the heart beating a little.

Most played game this month though was Metroid Zero on my GBA.

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PS2 - Beyond Good And Evil

Pro Ev 4

Gamecube - Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

GBA - Advance Wars

Have just ordered a raft of games as a reward for after exams so should be fun.

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