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Post Your Gaming Setups

kerraig UK

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Here's my new setup in my bedroom,




46" Toshiba ZF



Logitech z500

Not finished yet, need to sort out the cables and put the speakers on the wall. Happy with it though!

TV Buddies!

I got the 40" Version just this weekend. Well made up as i thought I'd have to settle for a 32/37" as it looked like I wouldn't have the space for anything larger!

I just have to get the rest of my consoles out of storage now!


Currently sitting on my old Panasonic CRT stand, going shopping for a new stand this w/e hopefully ;)

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Hey I love stickers ;) I'm actually pissed off they have made them intrude on the picture with that daft circly bit. So yeah, they need to come off :)

Going to see what I can do re: cable ties. Luckily the stand comes with neat little holders for keeping cables out of the way.

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My lovely new Panasonic


Not sure what to do about all the cabling at the back as the TV needs to be movable as the sodding gas meter is in a box behind it :lol:

Lovely TV though ;)

A gorgeous television ruined by the face of Simon Weston. The answer is "bowls" Simon.

My Gran just got a 40" Panasonic HD set and now she wants an amp and speakers as she's deaf and can't hear it. She's 86 and very frail :) As I set it up for her she might leave it to me in her will.

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Check it out. 20ft x 12ft back projector screen. We were using the Xbox to play sky backgrounds on a music video shoot but when everyone had a break we played some games. Sega Rally did make me feel a bit sick at that size it has to be said. Great fun though.


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NEVER KEYSTONE! It's like the first law of ceiling mounting a projector, I had to manufacture a mount with a 1m drop due to a customer's high ceiling, we tried keystoning it first but the picture just looked wrong, after the extension mount was fitted everything looked perfect, which is what you should be aiming for really, right?

You have the kit, don't half arse it!

This beast if you're interested: http://www.letsgodigital.org/en/16612/sams...080p-projector/

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Thanks for the tip, I think its only +1 or thereabouts. I noticed it was affecting the sharpness a little bit so I've just about cut it out now. That Samsung looks tidy but the thought of mounting another one fills me with dread :lol:

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