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kerraig UK

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Does the projector do 60Hz?

Yes. If you're interested in the geeky spec sheet it's all in here - page 61 for the Hz.

I have been blown away by how good the picture is. Got some David Attenborough Blu-rays, and they're stunning.

Bought some £10 3D glasses off eBay to test it out - was really impressed by the technology, never really seen it in action before.

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I project on to a white wall and have done for years, its great. I couldn't go back to playing Battlefield 4 etc on a telly. I 'only' run mine at around 92 inches screen size though, as I was told you get a better picture than if I went much bigger on my old Panasonic.

Brand-wise, all I know is my friends and I have had Panasonic's for gaming and movies and then my friend went to a Sony, and that is glorious too. As with any AV equipment, calibration is recommended.

Cables and everything is easy as all your equipment is behind you now. I have shelving with the projector on top and then consoles and amp below. Just keep the cables neat behind the shelves.

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No, it's just the type of cables I'm using to connect the consoles to my BT Home Hub. Supposedly the best connection for them. NAT is always open on Black Ops III and downloads are fast so that'll do for me. I doubt they make much, if any, difference to the cat5 ones.

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